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Some won’t admit it, but every dipper would secretly like to quit smokeless tobacco and enjoy the pleasures of a good dip without the harmful side effects. But the hardest question is how to quit dipping. The BaccOff program was introduced over fifteen years ago as an answer to exactly that! You now have in your hands the “How to Quit Dipping” Program that has helped thousands of dippers quit tobacco without giving up dipping!

Years of research and over a decade of experience are packed in the BaccOff program with one goal in mind: to give dippers the best answer to the question “How to quit dipping?”

The secret is to disable or short-circuit the severe dip withdrawal symptoms associated with smokeless tobacco cessation. Once this is done, your success is almost guaranteed. The best part of the BaccOff program is that you still get to chew as much as you want, for as long as you want, without regret!

Trying to quit dipping is easy. But How to quit dipping (and stay quit!) is less simple. So, the BaccOff program utilizes the time-tested slow release method to gradually reduce the tobacco and nicotine to zero, while you become accustomed to the slightly different taste, texture, and physical effects of BaccOff non tobacco chew. The process will be gradual, so you won’t go through the withdrawal shock and subsequent failure common with “cold turkey” quitting. By slowly reducing your dependence on nicotine and minimizing the discomfort associated with dip withdrawal symptoms, you regain control and substantially increase your odds of overcoming the addiction to nicotine.

The BaccOff Program simple and easy process for how to quit dipping. Two people need to be involved, the smokeless tobacco user and a partner to assist and support the nicotine cessation effort.

It’s important that your partner mix BaccOff tobacco-free snuff with your favorite brand of smokeless tobacco according to our directions. Over time the amount of BaccOff will be increased while the tobacco is decreased.

The chewer’s responsibility is relatively simple. Just use the blended BaccOff/tobacco mixture as you would your old brand. That’s all there is to it! Chew as much as you want, enjoy the pleasures of dipping, and become tobacco free!

Quit Chewing Tobacco

BaccOff Program Steps:

  1. Select a partner you trust and respect.
  2. Pick the flavor of BaccOff that most closely resembles your chew.
  3. Chew as much as you want, but only what your partner gives you to chew.
  4. Provide your partner the money to buy your tobacco and BaccOff products.
  5. Keep your partner informed on how you’re doing.
  6. Decide on a specific place to keep the blended and empty cans. Your partner will explain why.
  7. Return empty cans to the agreed on place each day.

What to expect during the program:

Perhaps you have tried to quit dip several times only to give up after a few hours or days. During those times, the anxiety was probably overwhelming. In your discouragement, you may have resigned to a life of addiction, but with the Can-Do program, it will be different.

As you begin, you will notice a difference from your regular brand. After all, there is no tobacco in BaccOff. As you progress through the blend levels, it is common to feel a slight uneasiness for a day or so. However, you should feel that although it’s different, it is very doable and enjoyable. After several days, your attitude should be, “I can do this because the blend is actually pretty good.” You can tolerate the side effects of quitting dip if you have the tools and a process to make it easier.

Don’t be surprised if you use more of the BaccOff blend than you were using tobacco. Without knowing, your body will try to get the same amount of nicotine from the blend as you were getting from tobacco. This is an expected reaction and should not be a concern. As the blending level increases over time, it will become impossible to obtain the previous nicotine levels. This is the goal, and because the changes are gradual, you will soon be nicotine, anxiety, and regret free!

A NOTE FOR POUCHES DIPPERS: Good news! While you won’t be able to “blend” your pouches in the same way described here for loose cut dippers, you can still take advantage of the BaccOff program.

Simply vary the amount of BaccOff pouches and regular brand pouches until you’ve been able to swap over to BaccOff completely! For example, if you enjoy Grizzly Wintergreen pouches, and typically use 2-3 pouches at one time, try replacing half of the pouches in your Grizzly can with BaccOff Classic Wintergreen Pouches. You may be able to tell the difference between the two brands of pouches by the look, but most dippers find mixing pouches to slowly increase the number of BaccOff pouches works well to help reduce stress!

Another option is alternate pouches brands. So you’ll dip BaccOff pouches one time, then your regular brand the next, then BaccOff the next time, etc. Each week increase the number of times you use BaccOff pouches in a day and reduce the number of times you use tobacco pouches.

Don’t give up! Always keep a positive attitude, realizing that every new day brings you closer to your goal of breaking the cycle of tobacco addiction. Concentrate on today only and don’t worry about tomorrow. With the help of your partner, the BaccOff program, and other resources we will provide access to, you will reach your goal!

BaccOff is a non-tobacco chewing alternative available in wintergreen, straight, mint, and xtra-wintergreen flavors. BaccOff is also available in original coarse cut, convenient pouches, and a new ENERGIZED formula. All ingredients are FDA approved. BaccOff contains no nicotine, so it’s safe, non-addictive, and has a taste and texture similar to smokeless tobacco.

BaccOff is clinically proven to reduce the stress and anxiety of nicotine withdrawal, and provides the pleasure of a good dip without the health risk. BaccOff is truly an amazing product!

BaccOff has been the focus of clinical studies at Mississippi and Oklahoma Universities. These studies revealed that stress levels were lowered significantly and withdrawal symptoms were reduced when participants used BaccOff to help stop using dip.


Thanks for providing a method for me to quit my dipping habit. I was able to break a 30-year all-day habit in two and a half months by mixing BaccOff with my regular brand. I recommend your product to many friends.

D. Drake

Thank you very much for your fantastic product. My boyfriend has been off tobacco for two months and your product did the job.

J. Hefner and J. Dapier

I’ve chewed for 49 years and after trying your BaccOff straight, I found no difference in flavor. I will never return to tobacco and the cost is half what I was spending. Thank you for this unique chew.

B. Fenton

Studies show that tobacco is the cause of many health-related problems. The ten-week BaccOff program is designed to help remove tobacco from your life as quickly as possible and maintain a maximum comfort level. We do not advocate the continued use of tobacco beyond the time specified in the program.

Find the type of Baccoff that suits you best

IMPORTANT!! The next section is for the supporting partner only. The Dipper should not read further. You’ll only make quitting dip harder for yourself.

Congratulations! Your friend has asked you to help him/her succeed in breaking the nicotine addiction. This is both an honor and a responsibility. Your role in the BaccOff program is as critical as the chewer’s desire to kick the addiction.

As the partner you will be responsible for: Mixing BaccOff with their current brand of smokeless tobacco, keeping the BackOff blend always available, keeping the blending rate confidential, and listening to and encouraging the chewer.

Keep it confidential

During the Can-Do program, you will be blending BaccOff with smokeless tobacco in varying proportions. It is extremely important the chewer never knows the percentage of the blend. Never underestimate the power of the mind and its ability to influence. If the chewer thinks he is being deprived of nicotine too early, he may become unnecessarily anxious. Tip: When he asks how he’s doing, praise him for his progress.

Remember the goal

“Break the nicotine addiction and become tobacco free!” The chewer’s habit has developed over many years and the Can-Do program will gradually reduce the tobacco related anxieties associated with nicotine addiction. The slow release method requires the chewer to constantly adjust to a changing nicotine level and a slightly different taste. The first several blends will get him used to the subtle differences between BaccOff and tobacco. Tip: Each time you change blends it will take a few days for the chewer to adjust. Keep encouraging!

Understand the Dipper

Most people will know right away they are chewing something other than their regular brand and sometimes feel a little discomfort for a few days after every blend change. These are the mental and physical effects that nicotine has on the body. After a few days, with your encouragement, their attitude will change and you will hear “I can do this because the blend is actually pretty good and I feel a lot better,” Becoming free of tobacco is a process of eliminating the physical effects of nicotine and dealing with the strong desire to have something between the cheek and gum.

Don’t be surprised if the chewer consumes more of the BaccOff blend than tobacco. Subconsciously, he’ll try to obtain the same amount of nicotine from the blend that their tobacco was once giving them. This is to be expected and is no cause for concern. With the first several blends the chewer may be able to achieve the same nicotine level as before, but this will not work for long. As the BaccOff level percentage in the blend increases, it will become impossible to obtain the previous nicotine level.

Stay Ahead of the Dipper

Once you begin the program, never let the chewer run out of blend. You must anticipate his usage and do whatever it takes to keep him supplied. If he runs out, he will return to his old brand of smokeless tobacco and the effort will be wasted.

Basic blending instructions: Begin week one by blending 10% BaccOff with 90% tobacco. In week two, blend 20% BaccOff and 80% tobacco. In week three, blend 30% BaccOff and 70% tobacco. Increase each week’s blend ration another 10% until the chewer is using 100% BaccOff. Tip: Allow at least one week between blend changes.

It is important that the blended mix be placed in BaccOff cans. You need to buy at least a week’s supply of BaccOff and a week’s supply of tobacco from the outset. For example if the chewer uses seven cans per week than buy at least seven cans of BaccOff and seven cans of tobacco. Initially, you will not need all the BaccOff, but you will need the cans. Store the BaccOff that you empty from the cans in an airtight container for later blending. This will give you the empty cans you need for the blend at startup.


Mixing the blend: Place the desired amount of tobacco and BaccOff in a container and stir until thoroughly mixed. Pour mixture into empty BaccOff cans and return to the shelf.

Storing the blend:The shelf is a place where you and the chewer have mutually agreed to store the blended cans and return the empty cans. Keep in mind that the chewer should never know when you switch to a new blend. You must stack the cans in a way that the he will use up the first blended mix before starting the next blend.

Finishing the program

Once you reach the 100% blend level, you should continue using the shelf for one to two months even though the “blend” is now 100% BaccOff. If the chewer feels like he’s still using a blend, let him. It will be great encouragement to find he’s been at least a month without nicotine. Tip: Congratulate yourself! You have helped change a life for the better.

From this point forward your mixing job is over and you should simply be an encourager. The chewer can continue to use BaccOff as desired since it is non-addictive and his use will seek a reasonable level.

If you notice abnormal tension and anxiety several days after starting a new blend, you may choose to slightly increase the tobacco for a week. It’s better to extend the program and eventually achieve success, rather than rebellion and a return to tobacco.

Congratulations on helping someone you care about quit tobacco without having to give up dipping!!