Caramel Coffee Pouches

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Get your coffee shot on the go with BaccOff Caramel Coffee Pouches – Now with 50 mg of caffeine per serving!

Top Flavor Notes: Buttery sweet caramel blended with a dark, satisfying coffee roast

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Now with 50 mg of caffeine per serving!  That’s equivalent to 4 cups of coffee per can. 

If you are a coffee lover, a dipper, or just looking for the best coffee pouches on the market, look no further.

WE HAVE BEEN CRAFTING MOIST SNUFF ALTERNATIVES SINCE 1992, and now we have more options than ever.

caramel coffee pouches


When it comes to moist pouch alternatives, nobody does it better than us. So trust us—our moist coffee pouches can’t be beat.

BACCOFF Caramel Coffee Pouches ARE FOR YOU IF:

  • You love coffee
  • You love caramel
  • You want to quit dipping tobacco
  • You’re looking for a satisfying coffee pouch for times when you just want a pouch or just want a coffee
  • Need a jolt of caffeine

It’s that simple.

BaccOff’s mission is to provide alternatives that are REAL AS IT GETS.


Get your coffee shot to go!


Superior Pouches: First of all, did you know BaccOff is the original moist pouch alternative? Yep, we did it first.

Even more importantly, we did it right. And, for over two decades, we have been committed to continuing to maintain excellence.

This obsession with making realistic alternatives is what lead us to capture everything you love about coffee with none of the hassles.

Real Taste: BaccOff has the most satisfying coffee pouches on the market. They’re sweet, they’re rich, they’re just right. For dippers and non-dippers alike, our coffee pouches are plain good. If you are a dipper looking an alternative when you quit, look no further. For other, more traditional flavorings, check out our Classic Pouches.


We have developed our coffee pouches completely in house and have worked tirelessly to make a line of Coffee Pouches excellent, bar none. BaccOff is proud to now present the best Coffee Pouch out there.

If you are a dipper and like trying dips with more unique flavors than traditional moist snuff, you may also like our Smooth Peach Pouches or our Classic Apple Pouches.


BACCOFF Coffee pouches. coffee shot to go.

Our Coffee Dips




quit dipping bootcamp



  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Glycerin
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Caramel Coloring
  • Sodium Benzoate (to assure flavor)
  • Cellulose Fiber


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Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Caramel Coffee Pouches

  1. Justin Leslie

    Want to try it to help me quit smoking

  2. zpopp87 (verified owner)

    Great flavor, good for a bit of a pick me up as well. Will definitely buy again. Thank you!

  3. alberta G blackburn

    surprisingly better than tobacco

  4. bknepp

    This coffee pouch is very good. Caramel is sweet, but not to sweet. This is one of my favorites. My only complaint about the products is I am a Skoal guy and the pouches are more like bandits than pouches. Need to be a little bigger to call it a pouch in my eyes!

  5. Billy (verified owner)

    Caffeine was overpowering.Taste was good.

  6. Scott (verified owner)

    Very good!! Better than other brands coffee pouches. Can definitely taste the caramel in these!!!

  7. Jay Bryan

    These are amazing! Taste just like a McDonalds Caramel Frappe

  8. Austin kocian

    To help me quit smoking

  9. Kenneth Richardson

    Love it, it’s helping me to cut back on my snuff.

  10. Kenneth Richardson

    Love it, it’s helping me to cut back on my snuff.

  11. Pamela Snow

    The flavored coffee pouches in …Caramel, Vanilla, Mocha have greatly helped me in cutting way back on my cigarettes. So for that I truly say Thank you to BaccOff ! I haven’t tried the Apple or Peach flavor. I definitely would like to see other flavors added. Maybe I can put my cigarettes down one day..AND JUST QUIT ! I AM TRYING and BaccOff is helping alot…Ty again BaccOff. I would like to see some promotions, contests, and maybe a points system to earn discounts on the pouches I use. I would like BaccOff to see if they could sell this product in or near the 75457 zip code, possibly at Loves Truck Stop…That’d be AWESOME !

    • Brian

      Great to hear! Sign up for our emails (scroll to the bottom of this page) because we do have promotions, contests and giveaways.
      Also, go to the store locator page and click on the second link under the map to request BaccOff to be sold in stores in your area.

  12. Kuadillia

    great to cut the cigarettes, but I love the coffee, its addicting. Id love to see it in all stores, not just the cigg’s stores

  13. Joshua Boyd (verified owner)

    The caramel pouches are good right behind the vanilla for me. I like the coffee pouches more than the regulars

    • Haley

      Hi Joshua! Glad to hear that you enjoy the taste of both the caramel and the vanilla!

  14. Joey

    Very happy with the products I have tested. I would love to see/test a “Smoked – Flavor”.

    • Haley

      We are very glad to hear that you enjoy the products Joey! We are also working on new products and will be happy to pass along your suggestion for the “Smoked – Flavor”.

  15. Brett Harvey

    Very nice product to start quitting

    • Haley

      Thank you for sharing Brett!

  16. Mike Bose (verified owner)

    This stuff is… interesting. In a good way. Goes great with my morning coffee!

    • Tonya

      We are so glad to see that you are enjoying the caramel coffee pouches, thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Mary Catherine Wright (verified owner)

    my husband really likes these caramel pouches

    • Tonya

      Hi Mary Catherine, We like to hear how our products positively impact people’s life.

  18. nick

    i work night shift and school during the day the coffee pouches sure help me a lot with energy thanks!

    • Tonya

      That’s great to hear, we are glad you are enjoying baccoff.

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