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Original Mocha Fine Cut


Pack a lip and quit snuff at the same time with BaccOff Mocha, a coffee dip gives you the complex satisfaction of real dip snuff. Made with fine cut black tea base, real coffee grinds, and a unique mocha flavoring.

Flavors: Rich, dark tobacco & Smooth, chocolaty coffee

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If you love coffee pouches and love to dip snuff–but want to quit snuff– then you’ll love our coffee dip. BaccOff Original Mocha Fine Cut is an alternative to dipping tobacco with the taste and feel of real smokeless tobacco. BaccOff Mocha is designed to give you more satisfactoin than coffee pouches. When you’re looking to quit snuff, or maybe just looking for a fake dip that’s different than the standard mint dip alternative, try BaccOff Mocha.

Real as It Gets:

  • Real Taste: All BaccOff dips are As Real As It Gets.Unlike most coffee pouches, our Mocha coffee dip is more than just the taste of coffee grinds. BaccOff Mocha offers the complex and satisfying tastes of earthy tobacco, rich coffee, and smooth chocolate.
  • Real Texture:  BaccOff Mocha gives you what coffee pouches can’t–the texture of a traditional moist snuff tobacco fine cut. We make our Mocha Fine Cut coffee chew with a unique blend of our black tea base and real coffee grinds. So you can have a more satisfying dipping experience with BaccOff than with other coffee chews. Don’t limit yourself to the texture of coffee grinds. In addition, limit yourself to just coffee pouches. Our well-balanced recipe of black tea and coffee make  our coffee chew texture equal in quality to a premium moist snuff fine cut. Check out our other BaccOff Fine Cuts here.
  • Real Enjoyment: BaccOff Moist Snuff alternatives give you the enjoyment of a true dip snuff experience. We know that the look of the can, the pack, the pinch, the spit are all as important as the taste. So, we handcrafted a mocha fine cut instead of basic coffee pouches. Unlike many herbal chewing blends, BacOff produces the amber liquid desired by most dippers. Moreover, we don’t rely on molasses or heavy syrups to create cheap imitations. BaccOff has the spitability a realistic moist snuff should have. Spitting is preferred by most dippers, but it is safe to swallow with BaccOff too.

Quit Snuff Without Giving Up

BaccOff is the best way to quit snuff for dippers who want to quit dip snuff without giving up. We’ve been handcrafting moist dip snuff alternatives since 1992. Because we believe dippers shouldn’t have to give up the enjoyment of dip snuff. BaccOff Moist Snuff Alternatives give you the look, taste, and feel you enjoy. Without the harmful side effects of chewing tobacco.

BaccOff is the safe smokeless tobacco alternative. 100% Non-Tobacco Non-Nicotine Moist Snuff Alternative that’s As Real As It Gets. Learn more about our products on our About Us page.


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Tea Leaves
Natural & Artificial Flavors
Caramel Coloring
Sodium Benzoate (to assure flavor)