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fake dip rough cut

BaccOff Rough Cuts: The Standard in Mint Chew

Mint chew made from a peppermint base to give you a bigger cut that packs, feels, and spits like the real thing. Available in Mint and Wintergreen, our Rough Cuts provide you with a cool and refreshing dipping experience.

Great Texture: We call it a rough cut because of the longer, broader cut. So, no, not a true long cut. But our mint chew alternatives are real as it gets for fake dip texture. Most similar to a Hawkens cut, our Rough Cuts are made with peppermint leaves. So enjoy an extra dose of refreshment and a pleasing texture. Most importantly, enjoy dipping while you stop smokeless tobacco.

Time-Proven Taste: As the series’ name suggests, BaccOff Rough Cuts are the original BaccOff, and have been on the market continuously since 1993. So, needless to say, BaccOff Rough Cuts have the approval of thousands of dippers across the nation.

All BaccOff Dips are 100% No Tobacco and No Nicotine free. Now you can quit dipping without giving up that dipping experience you enjoy.

Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 4.00 out of 5