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BaccOff Fine Cut

BaccOff Fine Cuts: Tried and True Chewing Tobacco Alternatives

BaccOff Fine Cuts are authentic chewing tobacco alternatives made from a black tea base. So you get to enjoy the taste, texture, and spitability of a Traditional Fine Cut Moist Snuff.

Genuine Taste: As part of our Original Flavor Series, our Fine Cuts offer popular and time-proven flavors. And thousands of dippers across the nation vouch for that. The Fine Cuts have depth of flavor, excellent packing, and even a slight “burn” similar to real moist snuffs.

Realistic Texture: BaccOff Fine Cuts are Chewing tobacco alternatives handcrafted so you have the most enjoyable experience possible. Our fine black tea base and trade secret flavoring process lets you pack a lip of what a fine cut should be: a dark, rich, moist tobacco feel that doesn’t rely on molasses or heavy syrups for excellent packing ability and spitability.

Like all BaccOff products, our Fine Cuts provide a satisfying and realistic dipping experience—completely tobacco and nicotine free! So buy a can of BaccOff today. And quit Tobacco without giving up Dipping!

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