Russell Ralston
The Head Dipper

Russell founded dipstop in 1991 to help people like himself quit tobacco without giving up dipping. Born and raised a farmer, Russell applied his take-the-bull-by-the-horns (sometimes literally) initiative and formed BaccOff from scratch right on his farm in Selma Alabama, where the business is still located almost 25 years later. More than just a boss, Russell not only manages the BaccOff team, but also designs and helps build all of BaccOff’s equipment and marketing materials in house.

Gail Ralston
Dipper's First Lady

A true Southern lady, with none of the pretense, Gail is Russell’s gal and right hand man. In the early years of BaccOff, she took phone orders in her kitchen holding babies. Almost 25 years later, she still keeps things running by handling what matters most: billing and quality control.

Anna Ralston
The Dipper's Daughter

Anna might be the main reason Russell started BaccOff –he needed to be able to feed her after she was born the summer of ’90. After studying writing and living in China, Anna’s happy to find herself back at her roots on the family farm. When she’s not gardening or playing with her goats, she runs the BaccOff wholesale division and dabbles in marketing.

Sheena McDonald
The Dip Maker

This lady is the reason you get BaccOff in your hands. With her team, Sheena handcrafts each batch of BacOff to give you the finest moist snuff alternatives there are.

Will Holley
Dip Master

After coming on board with BaccOff over 2 years ago, Will has put his drill sergeant drive to work revolutionizing BaccOff. You’re looking at the genius behind the new Classic Pouch flavors, and the mastermind behind anything that works from a Tech standpoint, including online ordering and social media.


Jennifer Spain
The Dip Shipper

Like everyone else at BaccOff, Jennifer is one of the main reasons you get your can of BaccOff. She’s the hands behind the scene and the voice on the phone, making sure your orders go out on time and that all your questions (and ours!) get answered. She knows the inner workings of BaccOff better than almost anyone else!

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