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REAL AS IT GETS: Tea Grinds Pouches

BaccOff tea grinds pouches are a mess-free option sure to give you real satisfaction.

All NEW flavoring: The closest thing to that authentic dark-fired tobacco taste good chewing tobacco pouches should have. Real Moist American Snuff taste–and its completely tobacco and nicotine free!
NEW Quality: We manufactured a moist pouch alternative first, and we want to make sure we keep doing it best. So, our new Classic pouches boast an increased size and better seal. And innovative patent-pending flavor application techniques make these pouches some of the finest—both on the traditional and alternative markets!

If you love chewing tobacco pouches, you’ll love our classic non-tobacco pouches because they are always sure to be moist with a dark, rich color. Most importantly, wiht BaccOff pouches, you’ll enjoy perfectly custom blended flavors that are so similar to tobacco you will forget they are made with tea!

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