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Look no further than BaccOff Wintergreen Pouches for the best way to quit chewing. These tobacco-free pouches give you the best there is in authentic, realistic tobacco taste and satisfaction.

Flavors: strong, familiar wintergreen & salty, rich, dark-fired tobacco flavors


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BaccOff Wintergreen Pouches: The Best in Tobacco Free Pouches

If you love the complex, satisfying taste of wintergreen dips and wintergreen pouches (think Grizzly Wintergreen), and are looking for the best way to quit chewing, then, trust us, you will love BaccOff wintergreen pouches. Seriously the finest tobacco free pouch on the market, our Wintergreen pouches represent ground-breaking, patent-pending developments—both in flavoring and in quality.

Don’t believe us? Watch this review to see what others think!

wintergreen pouches

REAL AS IT GETS in Tobacco-Free Pouches

  • Real Wintergreen Pouches Taste: All BaccOff dips are REAL AS IT GETS. Our tobacco-free pouches no exception. All of our tobacco-free pouches, and especially our wintergreen pouches, give you more than just a way to quit chewing. Our tobacco-free pouches and other dip alternatives give you the BEST way to quit chewing. Our wintergreen pouches and other wintergreen products offer complex and satisfying tastes of refreshing and strong wintergreen and earthy tobacco. We handcraft each batch of our tobacco-free pouches to ensure you get the best taste there is.
  • Superior Wintergreen Pouches Quality: Moist Tobacco Free Pouches are an art, and BaccOff has cracked the code. Since we were the first to produce moist tobacco-free pouches, we are committed to keeping our pouches the best on the market. We could have easily come out with a dry tobacco-free pouch, but we know that’s not what most dippers want. Because of this, we have spent over a year’s worth of development producing a new and improved pouch system. Therefore, when you dip BaccOff Wintergreen pouches, you dip the best safe alternative to tobacco there is.  If fine cut or long cut is more your style, check out all of our BaccOff products here.
  • Real Wintergreen Pouches Enjoyment: BaccOff tobacco-free pouches give you the enjoyment of a true dipping experience. Unlike many tobacco-free pouches, BacOff produces the amber liquid desired by most dippers. Moreover, we don’t rely on molasses or heavy syrups to create cheap imitations. BaccOff wintergreen pouches are realistic tobacco free pouches with spitability that pouches should have. Most dippers prefer spitting, but BaccOff can be safely swallowed too.

The Best Way to Quit Chewing

You’ve been looking for the best way to quit chewing. Because you know how hard it can be to simply quit chewing. That’s because more than just the nicotine withdrawals cause stress. Dipping is a familiar habit, and one that you enjoy! You like the feel of something in your lip, the salty-sweet taste of dark fire-cured tobacco and wintergreen pouches, the routine of spitting your dip. When you try to quit chewing cold turkey, you don’t just lose the nicotine. You also lose one of your favorite habits.

 BaccOff to helps reduce the stress of nicotine withdrawal. So this means, with BaccOff, you can successfully quit dip tobacco, with less stress.

BaccOff Wintergreen Pouches and our other tobacco-free pouches and loose cuts feel like you’re really getting to dip without any of the harmful side effects of smokeless tobacco. We know that the look of the can, the pack, the pinch, the spit are all as important as the taste. Unlike many herbal chewing blends and tobacco-free pouches, BacOff produces the amber liquid desired by most dippers. Moreover, we don’t rely on molasses or heavy syrups to create cheap imitations. BaccOff has the spitability a realistic moist snuff should have. Most dippers prefer spitting, but BaccOff is safe to swallow too.

Dipping is a lifestyle, and one you enjoy! Keep enjoying what you love AND stop smokeless tobacco at the same time with BaccOff.
BaccOff is the safe natural chewing tobacco alternative. 100% Non-Tobacco Non-Nicotine Moist Snuff Alternative that’s As Real As It Gets. Learn more about our product on our About Us Page.

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  • Tea Leaves
  • Glycerin
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Water
  • Bakers Ammonia
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Caramel Coloring
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Vinegar

About BaccOff

BaccOff is the safe smokeless tobacco alternative. 100% Non-Tobacco Non-Nicotine Most Snuff Alternative

We proudly serve thousands of long-term repeat customers who have successfully been able to stop dipping.

Learn more about our history

Reviews (19)

19 reviews for Classic Wintergreen Pouch

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Very good product, thanks for making an alternative


  2. charlielombard

    I’ve started using BaccOff to help me quit and I still use it to this day and it tastes and feels like the real stuff.

  3. Kevin

    Just awesome love the flavor and nothing compares to the pouches!! Highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to quit the dip for real!!!!

  4. Cow (verified owner)

    I’ve tried one other brand of alternative dip. This stuff knocks that other stuff out of the park. This is boasting with flavors of wintergreen and the smell is robust and sweet. I can’t say enough about this product other than this is the closest thing to dip without being dip.

  5. NoCam

    The New Pouches are by far much better than what was original offered. Only one complaint… the actual pouch material is to hard/tough. This is the only reason for the 4 stars. If the pouch was closer to an actual tobacco pouch (soft/pliable) it would be spot on. Flavor wise… best on the market. Closest to what I remember Skoal tasting like.

  6. Maveric (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t compare its taste or quality to grizzly wintergreen, it has a sweet taste to it. Now if you could get the taste from grizzly wintergreen and have you tobacco free products taste like the real stuff you’d sell a whole lot more! But other than the sweet taste its a great product.

  7. Brian (verified owner)

    Looks like the old Skoal Bandits, I agree the pouches are too small and tough. The flavor is more bitter than the Grizzly wintergreen I’m replacing. However I have made it over a month w/o Nicotine!

  8. Greg Wilbanks (verified owner)

    Quality product, but for me, the flavor doesn’t seem to be close to the same as grizzly or skoal wintergreen pouches. Maybe if it had a little more “bite” and didn’t have a sweet flavor. Still, I would reccomend because it’s a great alternative.

  9. WEAG (verified owner)

    Working in baseball, I see players dipping on a regular basis and being a fan of occasional tobacco offerings(cigars, primarily), I’ve had the urge to pick up the nasty habit of dipping. Instead, I decided to grab one of each of Bacc-Off’s products, and while many were either gross, or just overall not for me, I’ve fallen in love with the wintergreen pouches. They have a fun, unique flavor, and it’s always enjoyable to be able to spit while outside and just hanging out.

    Naturally my experience differs greatly from many of you, as a dipping outsider, I thoroughly enjoy this product.

  10. stanstew70 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried them all and this is the best. I add about a quarter ounce of whiskey and a few squirts of hot sauce to mine just to give them a little more zing. The only non-tobacco pouches that are the correct size.

  11. seth.j.roy.94

    Today is my first day using this alternative vs using the real thing and I got to say you can tell the difference but I have to say it’s working pretty good so far. The craving is still there but maybe after awhile it wont be. I’ll keep in touch

  12. seth.j.roy.94

    Today is my first day using this alternative vs using the real thing and I got to say you can tell the difference but I have to say it’s working pretty good so far. The craving is still there but maybe after awhile it wont be. I’ll keep in touch

  13. Dale Jump

    Had been a smoker and a dipper for years. I quit smoking womans went full die for a couple of years. Wanted to be healthy for the family. I’ve always felt like something was missing after I had finally quit everything. I’ve tried vaping but it’s not like the real thing ALOT! I bought a can of pouch wintergreen from Amazon because no one local carrier baccoff. I have found what I was missing with this product. It’s not quite like the real thing but its damn close. You got a customer for awhile baccoff ??

  14. Jared

    It’s not bad, the texture reminds me of Copenhagen and the smell reminds me of grizzly, however the taste I’d give it a C+ I feel like the flavoring could have more to it, otherwise this product is great!

  15. fred angeney jr


  16. william r floyd (verified owner)

    if you want to quit, this will help you

  17. Sam

    I’m currently working through the free sample pack. I don’t even smoke or dop but just thought I’d check out the hype. I like the flavors of all the pouches. I haven’t tried the actual cuts yet (again I’m not a dipper so I’ve never had the cut) but Ive always liked the smell of Wintergreen so it’s always my favorite. The apple here is really good too. I would recommend this product because it is what it says it is. An alternative. Only thing I wish the flavors would last longer. I’m only getting around 30-45min. Idk how long they typically last. Lol. But it seems great.

  18. Jock0

    Taste a bit different than my old skoal mint pouches but it’s been 14 days since I’ve had any poison tobacco or nicotine and I’m used to the flavor now. Great product

  19. Khan

    Seems to be a good news to quit chew

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