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Production Manager posted 3/08/2019



The Production Manager organizes and oversees the manufacturing of all products at Dipstop, Inc. Responsible for leadership and supervision of the production team within our plant. Responsible for scheduling work, resolving problems, recommending strategies, making decisions and ensuring a safe, quality product is produced in a safe working environment. Also provides training, conducts meetings and administers corrective action. Prepares required paperwork/reports.

* Competitive Salary commensurate to qualifications and experience

* Medical/Dental/Vision

* Typical Work Week: M-F, Day shift


* Plan and execute production schedules

* Recommend operational changes

* Assess risks

* Ensure safety guidelines are followed

* Resolve production problems

* Collaborate with managers on production objectives

* Give and receive employee feedback

* Train employees

* Facilitate team participation

* All other duties as assigned


* Proven experience as production team manager/director

* Understanding of quality standards and health & safety regulations

* Knowledge of performance evaluation and budgeting concepts

* Experience in reporting on key production metrics

* Proficient in MS Office

* Ability to quickly learn additional Company production management software

* Excellent organizational, communication and leaderships skills

* Strong decision-making skills and a results-driven approach


* BS/BA in process or production engineering, supply chain management, or relevant field

* 3-5 years relevant experience within the food manufacturing industry


For over 25 years, Dipstop Inc. produces BaccOff non-tobacco smokeless alternatives and is a national industry leader within our market. At our facility in Selma, Alabama, we produce the most realistic moist snuff alternatives available—in taste, texture, and design—so dippers can quit tobacco without having to give up the satisfaction of dipping.

Interested candidates should submit their resume to Steven South at people@baccoff.com. For more information on Dipstop, Inc. and our products, please visit our website at www.dipstop.com or by visiting us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dipstop, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to equal treatment of all employees without regard to race, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, physical or mental disability or other basis protected by law.

Production Member posted 2/13/2018

Job brief 

A Production Member will be responsible as a member of a team that produces a non-tobacco, non-nicotine moist snuff alternative. As a member of the production team, you will work to ensure successful completion of the entire production cycle in the creation of the loose cans or pouch cans. You will use your hands or machines to do the job with greater precision to ensure that the cans are filled to capacity and measured by the correct weight, correctly labeled, and cleaned and packaged for shipping.

You must have good technical knowledge and possess great manual dexterity. Ability to read instructions represented in manuals, schematics etc. and follow them with precision is extremely important.

The goal is to produce the finest moist snuff alternative on the market.


  • Read and comprehend instructions and follow established procedures
  • Collect all material and equipment needed to begin the process
  • Take precision measurements to ensure perfect ratio mix of raw materials
  • Select or modify components according to measurements and specifications
  • Check output to ensure highest quality
  • Maintain equipment in good condition
  • Keep records of production quantities and time
  • Report on issues, malfunction or defective parts
  • Ensure a clean and safe working area for you and your fellow production workers
  • Team focused mentality with a positive personality


  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Able to work well with others
  • Able to work on your own
  • Good understanding of quality control principles
  • Good communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination and physical condition
  • High school diploma; Higher degree from a technical school will be appreciated
  • Reliable transportation to and from work
  • Ability to read and write


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Submit a completed application to:

DipStop Inc.
656 Lake Lanier Rd. Selma, AL 36701
FAX: 334-247-6457
Email: steven@baccoff.com
Phone: 1-800-866-2439

Maintenance Technician posted 3/06/2018

Job brief 

The Maintenance Technician will undertake the responsibility to preserve the good condition and functionality of premises including but not limited to the office building, production facility, and all production equipment. You will perform tasks of great variety such as production line assembly or maintenance, new equipment installations, general upkeep, grounds maintenance, etc.

A Maintenance Technician is a thorough professional with a practical mind and attention to detail. The ideal technician will be able to work autonomously and responsibly by observing all health and safety guidelines associated with but not limited to OSHA, HAACP, FSMA and FDA.

The goal is to maintain the equipment, buildings and common areas in the best possible condition.


  • Survey buildings and repair mechanical systems to ensure they are consistent with health and safety standards
  • Perform maintenance of electrical systems (replace light bulbs and sockets, clean and repair circuit breaker panels etc.)
  • Assist in the setup of production lines, production equipment and other systems and conduct repairs or make adjustments when necessary
  • Maintain heating and plumbing systems to ensure functionality
  • Inspect alarm systems (fire, protection) and schedule repairs when needed
  • Perform manual repairs when necessary (fix locks, replace windows etc.)
  • Undertake activities of pest control such as spraying insecticide
  • Conduct general upkeep procedures (e.g. landscaping) and other tasks as assigned (painting, carpentry etc.)
  • Assist in annual maintenance budget preparation
  • Maintain accurate maintenance records


  • Proven experience as maintenance technician
  • Sound understanding of electrical, hydraulic and other systems
  • Knowledge of general maintenance processes and methods
  • Working knowledge of tools, common appliances and devices
  • Manual dexterity and problem-solving skills
  • Good physical condition and strength with a willingness to work overtime if needed
  • High school diploma or equivalent; Certificate in HVAC, industrial maintenance technology or relevant field will be a plus
  • Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) is desired


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Submit a completed application to:

DipStop Inc.
656 Lake Lanier Rd. Selma, AL 36701
FAX: 334-247-6457
Email: steven@baccoff.com
Phone: 1-800-866-2439

Customer Service and Administrative Associate posted 8/21/2018

Job brief

The Customer Service & Administrative Associate will assist in all receptionist, clerical and administrative duties as well as have a key role in customer service matters on various social media platforms, email, phone and occasionally in person.

This team member will have a friendly and easy-going personality while also being very perceptive and disciplined. Should be able to handle complaints and give accurate information about our company and our products. A customer-oriented approach is essential in order to perform the duties of this role.

Aside from your customer service roles, you will support senior management in key areas including but not limited to bookkeeping, generating reports, and inventory management.


  • Manage front office appearance and visitor check-ins
  • Update and maintain customer accounts
  • Receive and input customer phone orders
  • Answer customer questions and address complaints
  • Manage incoming calls and emails; redirect or keep messages as necessary
  • Receive letters, packages etc. and distribute them accordingly
  • Monitor social media customer engagement
  • Maintain office supply inventory
  • Create and maintain customer records and files in our Operating System
  • Take up other duties as assigned (travel arrangements, schedules etc.)


  • Strong communication and people skills
  • Detail-oriented organizational and multi-tasking abilities
  • Customer service orientation
  • Proven experience as front desk representative, agent or relevant position
  • Knowledge of office management
  • Working knowledge of and MS Office (especially Excel and Word) and common social media platforms
  • Ability to learn company operating software systems
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Proficient language skills (oral and written)
  • High School diploma; additional qualifications desirable

Reports to:

  • Front End Manager – Primary
  • VP of Brand Management – Secondary

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By Mail:

DipStop Inc.
656 Lake Lanier Rd. Selma, AL 36701

By Fax: 334-247-6457
By Email: steven@baccoff.com