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BaccOff Energized Fine Cuts: Natural Energy Dip

Combine the satisfaction of dipping with the kick of your favorite energy drink. Pack a lip of BaccOff natural energy dip.

Great Flavor: Our Energized natural energy dips have the same great flavor and texture as our Straight and Wintergreen Fine Cuts. With identical flavorings to our Original Flavor Series, our Energized Fine Cuts offer time-proven flavors. Which means they also have the approval of thousands of dippers across the nation. The Fine Cuts also offer excellent packing, and even a slight “burn” similar to real moist snuffs.

Natural Energy: An extra dose of caffeine and B vitamins to give you immediate energy.  So you can stay focused on what matters. Just like your favorite energy drinks, BaccOff Energized gives you a raw and natural energy boost.

If you’re looking for a great, realistic tasting dip that can also give you a boost of energy, BaccOff Energized is the moist snuff alternative for you.

Rated 5.00 out of 5