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Original Straight Fine Cut


Pack a lip of BaccOff Original Straight for a Natural flavored chewing tobacco free chew. (aka if you’re trying to quit Copenhagen.) Why is it named “Straight”? Because this Straight has been our best-seller for nearly 20 years. You don’t go changing greatness.

Flavors: Bold, Natural Smokey Tobacco & Classic, Premium Tastes

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BaccOff Original Straight Fine Cut: Tried and True Tobacco Free Chew

In short, our Straight Fine Cut is THE chewing Tobacco Free Chew for dippers who want to quit Copenhagen type natural flavored chewing tobacco. If you’re searching for  premium-quality chewing tobacco taste, BaccOff Original Straight boasts a smokey, original snuff flavor and a traditional fine cut texture.

But why is it names a “Straight”? Well, did you know BaccOff was one of the very first companies to create realistic herbal chewing tobacco and mint dips? What that means is that back in 1992, “Straight” was the name for a chewing tobacco that had a natural tobacco taste like Copenhagen. And, for over 20 years, our Straight Tobacco Free Chew been making thousands of people happy while they quit Copenhagen or other dips. BaccOff Straight is our longest best-seller. So, at least for now, we’re sticking with the name Straight for this BaccOff tobacco free chew flavor!

If you’re trying to quit Copenhagen type flavored dips and want more options, then check out our Classic Natural Pouches for another (more clearly named!) moist pouch alternative that has smokey, original snuff flavors too! Also, if you’re looking for a tobacco free chew straight flavor more similar Skoal, try our Classic Straight Pouches.

Why You Should Choose BaccOff Straight:

  • Thousands dippers looking to quit natural tobacco flavors like Copenhagen are now long-term repeat customers
  • The texture of this tobacco free chew is REAS AS IT GETS to a traditional Fine Cut
  • BaccOff gives you the satisfaction of chewing tobacco while you work to quit dipping
  • You can also get our Original Straight  tobacco free chew in ENERGIZED!

Our Straight Fine Cut has bold, smokey tobacco snuff notes of classic chewing tobacco.

REAL AS IT GETS: Chewing Tobacco Alternatives

BaccOff Moist Snuff alternatives feel like you’re really getting to dip chewing tobacco without any of the harmful side effects. We know that the look of the can, the pack, the pinch, the spit are all as important as the taste. Unlike many herbal chewing blends, BacOff produces the amber liquid desired by most dippers. Moreover, we don’t rely on molasses or heavy syrups to create cheap imitations. BaccOff has the spitability a realistic moist snuff should have. Spitting is preferred by most dippers, but it is safe to swallow with BaccOff too.

Quit Copenhagen or Other Dips Without Giving Up

Chances are, you’re here because you want to quit dipping. But you also want to swap to a tobacco free chew instead of giving up using moist snuff. If you’re looking for a chewing tobacco alternative that has the natural flavors like Copenhagen snuff, BaccOff Original Straight is for you. But don’t worry, we have a lot of other flavored tobacco free chews too. We also have products many people find help with nicotine withdrawals. And, most importantly, we can help you find the best way to quit dipping.


BaccOff is the safe smokeless tobacco alternative. 100% Non-Tobacco Non-Nicotine Moist Snuff Alternative that’s As Real As It Gets. Learn more about our product on our About Us Page.

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