Original Fine Cut

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Pack a lip of BaccOff Original Fine Cut for a natural flavored, tobacco free chew. (aka if you’re trying to quit Copenhagen.)

Flavors: Bold, Natural Smokey Tobacco & Classic, Premium Tastes

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In short, our Original Fine Cut is THE Tobacco free chew for dippers who want to quit Copenhagen type chewing tobacco. If you’re searching for premium-quality chewing tobacco taste, BaccOff Original boasts a smoky, original snuff flavor and a traditional fine cut texture.

If you’re trying to quit Copenhagen flavored dips and prefer pouches, then check out our Classic Natural Pouches for another moist pouch alternative that has smoky, original snuff flavors too! Also, if you’re looking for a tobacco free chew straight flavor more similar Skoal, try our Classic Straight Pouches.

baccoff original fine cut


Why You Should Choose BaccOff Original:

  • Thousands of dippers looking to quit natural tobacco flavors like Copenhagen are now long-term repeat customers
  • The texture of this tobacco-free chew is REAL AS IT GETS to a traditional Fine Cut
  • BaccOff gives you the satisfaction of chewing tobacco to help you quit dipping
  • You can also get our Original Fine Cut tobacco-free chew in ENERGIZED

Our Original Fine Cut has bold, smokey tobacco snuff notes of classic chewing tobacco.

REAL AS IT GETS: Chewing Tobacco Alternatives


BaccOff Moist Snuff alternatives feel like you’re really getting to dip chewing tobacco without any of the harmful side effects. We know that the look of the can, the pack, the pinch, the spit are all as important as the taste. Unlike many herbal chewing blends, BacOff produces the amber liquid desired by most dippers. Moreover, we don’t rely on molasses or heavy syrups to create cheap imitations. BaccOff has the spitability a realistic moist snuff should have. Spitting is preferred by most dippers, but it is safe to swallow with BaccOff too.

Quit Copenhagen or Other Dips Without Giving Up

Chances are, you’re here because you want to quit dipping. But you also want to swap to a tobacco free chew instead of giving up using moist snuff. If you’re looking for a chewing tobacco alternative that has the natural flavors like Copenhagen snuff, BaccOff Original Fine Cut is for you. But don’t worry, we have a lot of other flavored tobacco free chews too. We also have products many people find help with nicotine withdrawals. And, most importantly, we can help you find the best way to quit dipping.

Serious about quitting tobacco?  Prove it and join our Quit DIPPING BOOTCAMP.



  • Tea Leaves
  • Sugar
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Glycerin
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Caramel Coloring
  • Sodium Benzoate (to assure flavor)


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About BaccOff

BaccOff is the safe smokeless tobacco alternative. 100% Non-Tobacco Non-Nicotine Most Snuff Alternative

We proudly serve thousands of long-term repeat customers who have successfully been able to stop dipping.

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Reviews (52)

52 reviews for Original Fine Cut

  1. Aaron West (verified owner)

    About 6 years ago, I quit using Copenhagen (and all other tobacco) which I used for almost 20 years. Since then, I have replaced dipping with overeating, drinking sodas and other bad habits which have caused me to gain weight and not feel good. It’s been hard. I remember trying fake dip back in the day but it was useless. Finally, I decided to go out on a limb and try Baccoff fine cut – straight recently and I must say I am astounded at how close it is the the real deal (cope)!! I am going to start dipping again so I can stop overeating and drinking sodas. Other stuff just made me want the real thing more. But this stuff is perfect just like it is. My appetite to be constantly eating something is gone thanks to Baccoff fine cut straight. Good job on making Baccoff fine cut straight just like the real thing!! I cannot thank you enough and will be ordering on a regular basis!

  2. Luis Ortega

    I really love this!!

  3. athleticboyz (verified owner)

    My husband had been dipping Copenhagen & then Grizzly for over 45 years. I ordered him some of the BaccOff Original Straight Fine Cut to try to help him get off the nicotine. He tried the BaccOff (without mixing it with the Grizzly) and it worked!! He’s been off of nicotine for a week now and is feeling great! This product is a great alternative! So glad I ordered it for him!!

  4. Dan (verified owner)

    Great product been dipping Copenhagen for 30 years and still ha ING difficulty quiting.

  5. melbeverly767

    I ordered this for my husband who has been dipping for 40 years. I thought it was going to be a lost cause to get him to quit dipping even though he wanted to stop for me. When he tried the Baccoff he was very impressed, he said it is very similar to Copenhagen which he used to dip until it became too expensive and he switched to Grizzly. This is week two and he is really enjoying the Baccoff. THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving us such a good alternative to enable him to stop dipping. We appreciate it!

  6. Ryan T. (verified owner)

    I was a can a day cope snuff user for over ten years. I currently am on day 7 of cold turkey quit. I used the other brand of “fake dip”, and it looked like the stuff you scrape off the artichoke heart. Once I tried baccoff it was almost like going home again. Of course it is different, but close enough that it fills the void. I feel I can stay quit with this stuff.

  7. Billy bond

    Does your product really work

  8. sgtcountry75 (verified owner)


  9. John Walker

    I quit Copenhagen cold turkey over 6 years ago after dipping for well over 8 years while I was in the Army.. Every year around deer season my urge to pick up dipping comes back up again. I LOVED my Copenhagen in the deer stand, and it was a struggle for me. I decided to try some of the Original Fine Cut, and this stuff is SPOT ON. If I didn’t know any better I would swear it was the real thing. Thank you so much for developing this product.

  10. Scott (verified owner)

    After a 34 year addiction to Copenhagen snuff, quitting cold turkey would have been much harder without Baccoff!! Great product!!

  11. Orion

    I wish they had this flavor in rough-cut

  12. Orion

    I wish they had this flavor in rough-cut

  13. Doug Jones

    I would like to have original was in long cut for people like me who dips long cut Copenhagen. But backoff is helping me. I tried to use back of then got a dip with out it and could see the difference. Backoff has reduced my urge for straight Copenhagen thank you for giving me the strength to get of dipping. Great product I tell my friends about backoff

  14. Russell Roper (verified owner)

    I liked original fine cut it really helped me quit tobacco. Unfortunately I didn’t read all of the information and ended up elevating my blood sugar so I had to find something else. If it didn’t have sugar I’d still be buying.

  15. John

    Texture is good, packs good, nice little bit of burn, flavor is not Cope Long Cut by any means. Tastes like a can of griz natural and griz straight mixed together. Not a huge fan of the flavor since I don’t like straight, but maybe I’ll get used to it.

  16. Andrew

    Four star

  17. Judy Williams (verified owner)

    4 stars

  18. Justin Jern

    First smell – horrible.
    First taste – gave me Forrest Whitaker eye for a minute haha.
    HOWEVER after a few minutes in, I kind of got used to it, it grew on me. It does have a flavor reminiscent of Copenhagen fine cut, little sweeter but still has a burn – which is good. Unlike any other tobacco free snuff out there, the texture is spot on which is a huge deal. I will definitely be buying this again!

  19. Mike G (verified owner)

    I never wrote a review in my life but feel it important to express my gratitude toward the folks and back off for helping me to finally overcome A dangerous and disgusting habit!!!
    I started chewing scoal wintergreen about 27 years ago. Tried to quit many times without success. Picked up a can of Copenhagen one day thinking it taste so bad I will surely not want to chew anymore… just the opposite, I started chewing even more. I found back off about four months ago and have been free of tobacco since. My advice, You must be committed to quitting. I did it cold turkey and the first seven days were rough but without back off original I don’t think I could’ve done it. Thank you to the good folks at dip stop

  20. Chad

    I started dipping in 2000 as a Jr. in high school. Copenhagen snuff, then on to Grizzly fine cut. This July will be 6 years since I quit dipping using bacc off. I am very thankful for this product and what it allowed me to accomplish. I tried other products but nothing was even close. BaccOff was close enough for me, and it allowed me to finally do something I had failed at many times before. I quit using BaccOff about 9 months after I quit snuff and have been dip free since then. Don’t know if I could have ever done it without BaccOff.

    • Brian

      Awesome to hear Chad! Glad we could help.

  21. Jonathen

    I tried the original fine cut just to see if it was really like Copenhagen I have used Copenhagen for over 10 years and found this product to taste closer to red seal original.

  22. Darryl Frerking

  23. TJ Burkhalter

    Bought a can of original fine cut, because it was supposed to be like Copenhagen, well folks it is not. If you are a dipper of Red Seal then this is the one for you, I was only able to use half the can before I threw it in the trash.

    • Brian

      Sorry it wasn’t for you TJ. Some Cope fans who don’t like the Original Fine Cut like our Natural Pouches, so you might like those better.

  24. Paul (verified owner)

    Flavor not even close to cope but I adjusted saving money and gums happy so far

  25. Jack Anderson

    I lost a kidney to dipping. I dipped Copenhagen for years. I found baccoff and I e been happy since. I also ha e a lot of people ask me about baccoff. I tell them and they have dropped the nicotine. Thanks baccoff

    • Brian

      It’s why we do what we do. Thanks for spreading the word!

  26. Matthew H

    it’s really awesome the original Fine Cut and the Classic Straight pouches are the best you guys rock

  27. Karl Schwalen

    Taste: 4.5
    Quality: 5
    Enjoyment: 4.5
    Consistency: 5
    Clean up: 4.5
    It’s Like: A lot like Copenhagen taste. from a sample pack.
    Been Dipping for 60 Years I started at the age of 6 years old.

  28. robert greenwell (verified owner)

    I was able to give up Scoal and several other dips that contained nicatine and tobacco by using baccoff. I plan to keep using this product.

  29. robert greenwell (verified owner)

    great product..

  30. Billy (verified owner)

    Takes a few days getting use to but is not bad.Instead of dipping Regular tobacco all day I switch it out in between to help me dip less of the Tobacco.

  31. Billy (verified owner)

    Really good.It hasn’t got me off dipping because of the nicotine but helps me dip less of the real thing.

  32. Matthew (verified owner)

    I love the original fine cut only con is the flavor don’t last long I do recommend the flavor the quality and it does last a good while for a can I I wish you guys would make this in pouches

  33. Michael elliot (verified owner)

    Trying to quit dipping so I orders a log of original fine cut and a can of wintergreen and extra wintergreen. I was really hoping the original was close to copenhagen taste like stated but it is sweetish and like nothing I have ever tasted before and I’m not a fan of it but I will say the cuts both fine and rough are good and the original wintergreen is pretty good but the extra wintergreen is a little too strong for me (similar to copenhagen).

  34. robert greenwell (verified owner)

    Great product. It enabled me to stop using the real stuff.

  35. Chris

    I dipped Copenhagen snuff, then Reseal fine cut for 15 years. Tried the original fine cut, and it’s a great substitute for the real thing. I’ve been off nicotine for a week now. Without Baccoff there’s no way I could have gone this long. I truly enjoy dipping and the habit is harder to break than the nicotine, at least for me. I am extremely pleased and will continue using this product

  36. SS

    Started chewing copenhagen when I was 13, 42 yrs later its time to quit. Tried quitting cold turkey several times an always went back. This time after a few days I discovered Baccoff Original Fine Cut and I can tell without a dought that I will never go back to tobacco. I have to quit an this product will keep me well satisfied from a life long addiction to copenhagen. Its not a clone to what copenhagen used to be but definitely better than the copenhagen you get these days. Baccoff is top of the line for a no tobacco or nicotine product!

  37. Matt (verified owner)

    Chewed Copenhagen for 26 years. On my second day of quitting I was losing my mind. I found this non nicotine baccoff at the sheets gas station. It saved the day. I went in to buy some snuff but saw this baccoff instead and I was able to continue my quitness. I’m on day 10 now. Baccoff helps satisfy the urge, it’s a good tool to help you quit

  38. Richard A Fuller (verified owner)


  39. David Skiles (verified owner)

    I’ve been dipping for 40 years. Started with Cope, but got too expensive and went to Red Seal. I quit with BACCOFF about 20years ago, but went back to Red Seal after a period of smoking cigars. Now I’m back with BACCOFF, but didn’t think I could go Cold Turkey so I devised my own 3 step plan. The 1st week I mixed 1 can of BACCOFF with 1 can of Red Seal. The 2nd week, 2 cans BO to 1 can RS. The 3rd week, 3 cans BO to 1 can of RS with no anxiety so far. This 4th week will be BACCOFF only and I have a positive feeling about ending my dipping addiction. Whatever works for you! Just thought I’d share how I’m doing it. Good Luck!👍

  40. LT (verified owner)

    Tried a can of original fine cut and was surprised how close to the taste of Copenhagen it was. I was never a fan of fine cut, preferring long cut because it packed in my lip better. I would love it if you offered original long cut. I commend you on a remarkable product, the taste is spot on. As someone else had recommended, a touch of spice might help it feel like the real stuff but to offer a long cut line would be great.

  41. Brent Casey

    trying it now

  42. Julia

    I am a female Copenhagen user. I started dipping in Montana, back in college…I guess I’ve been a user for 30 years. Recently, I have a job offer, the job of my dreams…however, some hospitals now test for nicotine in prospective staff. So, in order to pass this nicotine testing, I HAVE to stop dipping. Thankfully, found baccoff. I think that it’s going to be a great substitute! So far, so good.

  43. Robert Freeman Jr (verified owner)

    The BaccOff, the Original flavor is just as good as regular tobacco.

  44. Willard Cannon

    None yet first time user.

  45. Craig L (verified owner)

    I chewed Copenhagen snuff for 31 years, a can a day. 2 years ago I tried baccoff, I haven’t had anything else since. The fine cut original has been a great replacement.

  46. Gregory Singleton


  47. Francis

    I have been using BaccOff for a week or so now; started by cutting my Copenhagen Mint with the B.O. Mint Rough Cut.
    This weekend I realized that I needed to order some more B.O. mint. I was down to my last tin. I quickly realized that I would likely be going a couple of days without B.O because my shipment wouldn’t arrive fast enough.
    Rather than risk going cold turkey for two days and caving in to buy Copenhagen, I drove over an hour to a store that stocks B.O. All that they had was this Original Fine Cut which was fine.
    Upon opening the tin I was blown away! It looked like fine cut, smelled like Copenhagen fine cut, and tastes like it!
    Although my daily snuff was Copenhagen Mint, the B.O. Mint Rough Cut, although good was just not the same. This B.O. Original is amazing and I will likely just switch to dipping this! Love the taste, the way it packs, and the burn it gives too. I should also add that $14 for 5 tins was a lot easier on the wallet too LOL
    B.O. has made leaving tobacco behind so much easier, thank you!

    Francis W. Texas, USA.

  48. Rad Siderius (verified owner)


    I never take the time to leave reviews, but your product is so bad, I had to.
    First, I commend you for trying to design an alternative to harmful smokeless tobacco, but this product at best leaves me feeling like I have Acid, Ammonia, and rotten Coffee grounds in my mouth. I am a long-term Copenhagen Snuff consumer, and according to other reviews, this was a close alternative. There is no statement further from the truth. This product is nowhere near the taste or feel of Copenhagen. On two occasions, I have put this product in my mouth only to have to remove it within 2 minutes or less. Truly nauseating. Sorry, but you must do better.

    Rad Siderius

  49. Lewis Lyons (verified owner)

    The people that made this original baccoff product must have never chewed Copenhagen snuff. They say that the taste and bite are close to the snuff product. I tried baccoff original and didn’t even make it through two cans before I stopped using it. The taste isn’t even close, and the bite is 10 times as harsh as Copenhagen. The taste I could get used to but the harsh bite of baccoff original is the main reason I stopped using it and won’t use it again.

    • Tonya

      Hi Lewis, Sorry you had a bad experience! Just like real dip, there can be a short transition over to our flavor, or you may like another flavor better. I’d say make sure you give it a couple of tries before deciding (just like you would if you swapped regular brands) or mix BaccOff with your regular brand at first to transition and come off the nicotine more easily. If you haven’t already, be sure to download our app that will walk you through every step of the quitting process. You can find the app by searching BaccOff Quit Dipping Bootcamp in Google Play or the Apple App store. https://dipstop.com/how-to-quit-dipping-program/

  50. Dave Meg (verified owner)

    40 year dipper of Copenhagen and have tried at least 5 other methods to quit. Mixing snuff w/Baccoff and then tapering the snuff out was the only thing that has worked for me. I still occasionally miss the ‘real’ thing but it’s been 4 months tobacco/nicotine free and I plan to keep it that way. Consistency, texture, flavor are all close enough and for me the habit was just a big a part of the addiction as the chemicals. Glad to have that monkey off my back.

  51. Mike Giampa

    I am freaking shocked.. Just got my sample fine cut and as a Cope user who has tried dogs*it fake dips in the past but this is SO GOOD!!!!! Just 1 sample pouch and I just bought a sleeve I am done with Cope this tastes so good with the same texture, super moist, lasts a long time and has a bit of burn to it. Can’t believe this is real, lol.

  52. Dave

    Let’s be crystal clear. This stuff does not taste and feel “exactly like Cope.” I’ve been dipping for 40 years, so I know. That said, if you are looking for the closest thing on the market today, this is it. It provides the familiar sensation we’ve all come to rely on, while having a texture and taste that, while not exactly Cope, comes within rock-throwing distance. Yes, you will still get nicotine cravings. Yes, you will potentially eat more/gain weight. But if you’re serious about quitting your addiction, Baccoff can be a really useful aide – along with lifestyle changes and even counseling. Thanks to the makers of Baccoff for helping us out here!

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