Original Wintergreen Rough Cut

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Looking for a mint leaf chew so you can quit dipping long cut? Pack a lip of BaccOff Original Wintergreen Rough Cut for a mint leaf chew that lets you quit dipping without giving up what you love.

Flavors: Mild, refreshing wintergreen tobacco taste


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BaccOff Original Wintergreen Rough Cut: Tried and True Mint Leaf Chew

BaccOff Wintergreen Rough Cut is a time-tested mint leaf chew and  a long-time standard of enjoyment. Our Mint leaf chews and sip alternatives have helped thousands of dippers quit dipping long cut and other smokeless tobacco products. This mint leaf chew’s mild, pleasant, refreshing wintergreen taste gives dippers the familiar satisfaction a premium dip should have.

Original Wintergreen is one of our original products, and after 25 years, it continues to remain on of our best-sellers. For dippers looking to quit dipping long cut without giving up what they love, look no further than our Wintergreen Rough Cut.

wintergreen rough cut fake dip

Why use BaccOff Mint Leaf Chew and Dip Alternatives


  • Real Taste: All BaccOff dips are REAL AS IT GETS. Our Mint Leaf Chews no exception. BaccOff Rough Cuts, also available in Mint, give you more than just a mint snuff alternative. Our rough cuts offer the complex and satisfying tastes of refreshing and pure mint or wintergreen, and earth tobacco. We handcraft each batch of our Mint leaf chew to ensure you get the best taste there is.
  • Real Texture: Many people ask: “What’s Rough Cut mean?” Well, just that. Made from a peppermint leaf base, our Rough Cuts are our Mint leaf chew option. With a longer, broader cut (most similar to Hawkens or Kodiak dip), we went with the name rough cut. Though not a true long cut, thousands of dippers use our Rough Cut to stop dipping long cut successfully.  So you can have a more satisfying dipping experience with BaccOff than with another mint leaf chew. Our well-balanced recipe and batching techniques makes our mint leaf chew texture similar to Hawkens or Kodiak dip. If fine cut or pouches are more your style, check out all of our BaccOff products here.
  • Real Enjoyment: BaccOff Moist Snuff alternatives give you the enjoyment of a true dipping experience. We know that the look of the can, the pack, the pinch, the spit are all as important as the taste. Unlike many herbal chewing blends, BacOff produces the amber liquid desired by most dippers. Moreover, we don’t rely on molasses or heavy syrups to create cheap imitations. BaccOff has the spitability a realistic moist snuff should have. Most dippers prefer spitting, but you can safely swallow BaccOff too.

Quit Dipping Long Cut

Chances are, you’re here because you’ve tried to quit dipping…. and still haven’t quit dipping. But its time. And you really want to quit dipping. Well, good news: You’ve come to the right place.

Clinically Proven

BaccOff is clinically proven to help reduce the stress of nicotine withdrawals. Because dipping is a lifestyle, not simply and addiction, trying to quit dipping cold turkey can seem almost impossible. But with BaccOff Mint leaf chews and dip alternatives, you can enjoy the taste and feel of dipping without any of the harmful side effects of smokeless tobacco.

Quit Dipping without Having to Stop Dipping

BaccOff is the best way to quit dipping for dippers who want to quit without giving up. At BaccOff, we believe dipping can be an enjoyable lifestyle WITHOUT the negative and life-threatening effects of smokeless tobacco. That’s why we’ve been handcrafted moist snuff alternatives since 1992. Because we believe dippers shouldn’t have to give up the enjoyment of dipping when they quit dipping smokeless tobacco.

So order a can of BaccOff mint leaf chew or our other dip alternatives, and quit tobacco without having to quit dipping.

BaccOff is the safe smokeless tobacco alternative. 100% Non-Tobacco Non-Nicotine Moist Snuff Alternative that’s As Real As It Gets. Learn more about our products on our About Us page.


  • Peppermint Leaves
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Glycerin
  • Caramel Color
  • Potassium Sorbate (to assure flavor)

About BaccOff

BaccOff is the safe smokeless tobacco alternative. 100% Non-Tobacco Non-Nicotine Most Snuff Alternative

We proudly serve thousands of long-term repeat customers who have successfully been able to stop dipping.

Learn more about our history

Reviews (16)

16 reviews for Original Wintergreen Rough Cut

  1. Rob

    I’ve dipped long cut wintergreen for a few years now. Just got a can of this las week. It feels good, it tastes good, just all around a good product. However the flavor is very subtle and I get a lot of floaters after a little bit (takes a while but still). I would like a little more flavor but all around it packs good, it feels good, and it tastes good. Definitely would buy again.

  2. James Grace

    The texture is close to real chew but the flavor is way off. It packs good but still needs some work to be able to use it to stop chewing the real thing.

  3. berkyboys1355 (verified owner)

    My husband who has been dipping for over 20 years finally kicked the habit using the Original Wintergreen Long Cut and their BaccOff program. We followed the instructions to the letter and have found amazing success. He was none the wiser throughout the program. Yes, there is some slight variation in texture and taste, but I think there is some beauty in that because it shows progress. I can not thank the makers of this products enough. FINALLY something that works!

  4. Dustin

    Been dipping Red Seal Wintergreen Long cut for roughly 17 years. The wintergreen rough cut is by far my favorite of all the bacc-off options. It’s not a true wintergreen taste and doesn’t pack as good, for as long in your jaw as regular dip, but it is the best out there that i have tried for “fake dip”, and I’ve tried several other brands. Pinches very similar to dip, could improve taste and packabilty in jaw but all in all it’s worked for me so far. Great product.

  5. Dave

    Is this sugar free? If not are there any sugar free ones?

    • Bill Strabley

      Both our Rough Cuts are sugar-free.

  6. Jayd008@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    Trying to grab a pinch of the rough cut is very difficult. Wish it would pack better. Maybe make it an actual long cut

  7. Kenneth

    Been chewing for 14 years and I’m looking to quit hope it helps

  8. Kenneth

    Been chewing for 13 years and I’m looking to quit hope it helps

  9. as649 (verified owner)

    Have chewed for 16 years and this product worked!! Easy transition for me from tobacco to baccoff

  10. Matt (verified owner)

    I chewed Kodak for30 yrs and finally quit 8 months ago. I like the wintergreen rough cut the best. The flavor needs to be stronger so I add a small bottle of wintergreen liquid breath freshener that gives a good burn. The texture and packing are pretty good and made quitting easier. The mint is good too and you can add blue liquid breath freshener to this as well to get a good burn and increase flavor.

  11. Rodney (verified owner)

    It works when you follow the plan. I’m a 20+ year dipper. Now I am tobacco free after using my wife’s blend over the past few months. Definitely not the same as the real thing but it works if you want it to.
    Thanks for the tip Matt. I’ll have to try the liquid breath freshener.

  12. Damon G England

    I’ve been dipping for about 6 years now. I have tried other brands to stop dipping but they are all the same, too sweet & no burn. Does your wintergreen have the burn that I’m looking for?

    • Bill Strabley

      Yeah, we’ve got the burn you’re looking for. Our Wintergreen and Mint rough cuts have no sugar so they’re not sweet.

  13. Troy Hepker (verified owner)

    So, the thing about this is it’s sweeter than regular Wintergreen, which isn’t a deal break. Kind of enjoyed the taste. What I was looking for was the burn of it. Didn’t have it. Overall still a great product. I’ve ordered other flavors to try!

  14. Mikel O

    My wife got me a tin because I had been talking about wanting to try baccoff for a couple weeks. The first pinch is weird. The shreds dont feel right going in and has a more minty flavor to it than normal wintergreen. But once it was in for about a minute and settled in my lip it was great. Tried a couple pinches while I was out of town this weekend to get used to it. Tried it today instead of chewing kodiak at work and didnt even have to worry about cravings. After 12+ years I haven’t had anything stop a craving like that unless it was the real thing. Bought 1 can of wintergreen rough to try it out, next time it will be a roll. Thanks guys, amazing product.

    • Brian

      That’s awesome to hear Mikel!

  15. Tony

    Ive been dipping 20+ yrs. I guess the ones I’ve tried are mislabeled. To me there is nothing in this that taste like wintergreen. Mint yes. I tried the original fine cut to replace original long cut Copenhagen and it taste just like Copenhagen striaght, which I personally do not like by anybody. I like wintergreen but this one just taste like mint to me. I love the price, the cut, the moisture, and the packability. I just don’t seem to be able to find a flavor I like. Otherwise they have a great product. I may try the extra wintergreen or adding the wintergreen mouth wash. I’m not giving up on Baccoff just yet. I like it better than anything else I’ve tried so far. When I find the flavor is like it will get 5 stars.

  16. Dexter

    Amazingly great as a substitute. Dipped nearly ten years and I felt i could quit but still had a oral fix problem. So the wintergreen rough cut was amazing. The fine cut is no where what I wanted. I tried every flavor and combination. Rough cut wintergreen or pouches are pretty amazing to help the oral issue. Thanks for making an amazing product. I stand behind your work 100%

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