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No Tobacco, No nicotine… what’s the point?

BaccOff is designed to help meet the need for oral fixation and to give dippers the enjoyment of the dipping experience. The taste, the feel, the spitability is all as much of the experience as the nicotine is. Every dipper wants to get free from nicotine addiction, but no dipper wants to give up dipping! With BaccOff, dippers can quit without giving up.

BaccOff has been crafting moist alternative snuff since 1992 and has helped thousands of people quit dipping tobacco and nicotine.

What is BaccOff made from?

Our dips are made with top quality, FDA approved ingredients. Ingredients for each of our products can be seen at the bottom of the product pages under the “ingredients” tab.

— Our FINE CUTS are made from a black tea base to give you a closer flavor and texture to a traditional fine cut tobacco.
— Our ROUGH CUTS are made from a peppermint base to give you a bigger cut that packs well. Similar to Kodiak or Hawkens long cut.
— Our Classic POUCHES are made from a black tea base and has all new flavoring developments to give you the closest thing to that authentic dark-fired tobacco taste a good dip should have.
— Our ENERGIZED SERIES is made from a black tea base and offers the same flavor and texture as our fine cuts with an extra dose of caffeine and B vitamins to give you immediate energy.

— Our Coffee Pouches are made from real coffee grinds and contain 50 mg of caffeine per serving (1 can = 4 cups of coffee).

— Our Long Cuts are made from a corn fiber base.

Is there an age-limit for buying BaccOff?

BaccOff is 100% nicotine and tobacco free, so there isn’t any legal age limit on it, but we encourage minors to work with parents, legal guardians, or a trusted adult to get help in overcoming addiction.

Does it take time to transition to BaccOff?

If you’re worried about nicotine withdrawal symptoms, check out our Quit Dip Program here for the best way to stop chewing tobacco. As for flavor, make sure you give our dips a few tries before deciding which BaccOff product you like best — some people find there can be a short flavor or texture transition, just like if you swapped regular brands (that’s why we’re REAL AS IT GETS).

Do you have a BaccOff product similar to Copenhagen?

Here’s the breakdown of our Straights and Naturals:
— Original Fine Cut Straight is more similar to a Copenhagen in both taste and texture, giving you that classic, natural, smoky taste.
— Natural Pouches are our version of Copenhagen, with flavors of premium quality, dark-fired and cured tobacco flavor to give you smoky, classic, original flavors.
— Straight Pouches are our version of Skoal, to give you that genuine, savory, charred tobacco taste, and bold burly tobacco notes.

Does BaccOff work?

The taste, the feel, and the spitability is all as much of a dipper’s experience as the nicotine. Every dipper wants to get free from nicotine addiction, but no dipper wants to give up dipping! With BaccOff, dippers can quit without giving up. BaccOff meets the need for oral fixation, and provides that familiar enjoyment found in dipping. Of course, for anyone overcoming nicotine addiction, determination is the most important thing. Gotta know why you’re quitting and focus on that every day. BaccOff and our nicotine withdrawal resources give dippers the support they need to hang in there until the nicotine withdrawals pass. Now dippers can enjoy an addiction-free lifestyle AND get to dip!