How can BaccOff tobacco free dip & herbal snuff help YOU quit dipping tobacco?

If you want to quit dipping tobacco, but want a realistic tobacco free dip, BaccOff makes the finest there is in snuff tobacco herbal snuff, mint snuff rough cuts, tea grinds pouches, and coffee chew Mocha Fine Cut.

More than Just the Nicotine

For most folks, the first three weeks are the hardest part of trying to stop chewing tobacco. This is because the nicotine withdrawal timeline lasts about this long. What this means is that within 3 weeks, you can overcome the physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

But after overcoming nicotine addiction, you most likely will still crave a dip.

Why? Because you like dipping tobacco. Maybe you won’t experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms anymore, but you will still wish you could pack a lip of dark-fired tobacco snuff. So, that’s why BaccOff snuff tobacco alternative helps you quit dipping tobacco without having to give up dipping.


A Tobacco Free Dip that Actually Satisfies

Nearly 25 years ago, BaccOff became the first realistic mint snuff to enter the market. Since then, we have continued to expand our flavor line to continue to bring you the highest quality herbal snuff, tea grinds pouches, and coffee chew on the market.

A Few of BaccOff’s Accomplishments:

  • BaccOff’s first mint snuff dips were the first tobacco free dips to taste like real tobacco. Our mint snuff is now available in Wintergreen and Mint Rough Cut, to give you mint snuff that tastes and feels like snuff tobacco.
  • BaccOff was the first to offer a Natural Tobacco & Straight Tobacco flavor. Many people find our Original Fine Cut to be the most similar to the natural flavors of Copenhagen snuff in both taste and texture.
  • We also have a coffee chew  Mocha Fine Cut. BaccOff was the first to offer a loose cut coffee chew. What matters most, we are the only coffee chew that still has strong smokey, dark-fire cured tobacco snuff flavor notes. All of these work together to make our Mocha Fine Cut coffee chew a cut above all other coffee chew and coffee pouches.
  • We were the first to release a line of authentic energy dip. Our Energy dips give you a boost of B vitamins and caffeine to help you feel sharp and focused.
  • Most notable, our tea grinds pouches have all new production and flavor developments to make them the most realistic alternatives ever seen.
  • We are also the first tobacco free dip company to offer a complete cessation program to help dippers stop chewing tobacco. Learn more about Smokeless Tobacco Facts and Chewing Tobacco Effects so you really know what dip is.

When you have made the decision to quit dipping tobacco, we will provide the resources you need to quit dipping tobacco for good.

So, it goes without saying, BaccOff is the best tobacco free dip to help you beat nicotine cravings and the effects of chewing tobacco, while keeping the lifestyle you enjoy.

Why BaccOff is the Best Tobacco Free Dip

What Only BaccOff’s Mint Snuff Can Give You

With BaccOff, you don’t have to settle and simply quit dipping. Because with BaccOff dip alternatives, you can have it all:

  • A realistic and cheap chewing tobacco alternative
  • Authentic Amber dip spit
  • Herbal Snuff that looks, tastes, and spits just like real moist snuff tobacco.
  • 100% Tobacco and Nicotine Free Chewing Tobacco Alternatives
  • Realistic Snuff Tobacco flavors. No heavy syrups. No questionable ingredients.
  • The help you need to overcome nicotine addiction

The Other Chewing Tobacco Brands and Coffee Chew

Chances are, you have tried to quit dipping tobacco many times. And you likely have tried several alternative chewing tobacco brands.

The problem is that other alternative chewing tobacco brands, mint snuff, tea grinds or coffee pouches, coffee chew, herbal snuff, and non tobacco dip options usually turn out to be absolutely nothing like real snuff tobacco.

Maybe the taste is right, but the texture is just plain terrible. Or maybe you don’t mind the taste of coffee pouches, but you wish you had something more like Copenhagen Snuff  loose cuts when it comes to the feel. Or maybe you’re worried about if fake dip is safe because some mint snuff has questionable ingredients.

The Best Brand: BaccOff

At Baccoff, our continual mission is to make an herbal snuff that is better than any other tobacco free dip. Even more than that, we strive to produce tea grinds pouches, coffee chew, and mint snuff that actually help dippers quit dipping tobacco. To do this, we keep this question in mind: why do people chew tobacco? Well, more than anything, you dip because you like dipping!

You may want to quit smokeless tobacco and overcome nicotine addiction. But, more importantly, you want to keep dipping–you want to pack a dip can. You want to spit your dip. You also want to enjoy the taste of dark-fired cured, smokey snuff tobacco.

stop dipping

Quit dipping tobacco without giving up what you love. Order BaccOff tobacco substitute today for a tobacco free dip that’s as REAL AS IT GETS.


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The Best Way to Quit Dipping Tobacco

Thousands of dippers have been motivated to seek the best way to overcome nicotine addiction by the well-known health effects of chewing tobacco. However, did you know that using a safe chewing tobacco alternative or tobacco free dip is often found to be more effective than quitting cold turkey? Why?

Better Than Quitting Cold Turkey

Because here’s the bottom line: Why people chew tobacco has as much to do with enjoyment as it does with nicotine addiction. Dippers like having something in their mouth. It’s the same reason many people chew gum. Moreover, dippers are most satisfied with a tobacco free dip that feels and tastes like real snuff tobacco.

We agree that when you choose to quit dipping tobacco, you shouldn’t have to give up what you love. That’s why we make BaccOff—the most authentic herbal snuff out there.

Facts about BaccOff Mint Snuff and Herbal Snuff

What’s most important, BaccOff is clinically proven to help reduce the stress of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
Health and wellness agencies across the country use BaccOff non tobacco dip and herbal snuff. The US military also uses BaccOff as part of their smokeless tobacco cessation programs.

If you want to quit dipping tobacco and are looking for realistic dip alternatives, you won’t find a better product than our tea grinds pouches, tea and coffee chew, and mint snuff. BaccOff is as REAL AS IT GETS.

See what our customers say

Lance Harden
This is by far the best alternative out there. If you really want to quit, this is 100% the best product on the market and I highly recommend it and do so on a daily basis. Dip free for 14 weeks now thanks to this product. Keep up the good work.
Lance Harden
John Billingsley
Thank you for helping me quitting dipping snuff ! It has been a hard long road and I could have not done it with out your help ! You make the best product for me because I was a Copenhagen snuff man, & no one makes an alternative like you do that taste like it ! Thank you !!
John Billingsley
Billy Goff
If you are a dipper try this it works. Dipped kodiak wintergreen for 15+ years laid it down with the help of this.
Billy Goff