10 Reasons to Quit Smokeless Tobacco

10 reasons to quit smokeless tobacco.

We asked thousands of Dippers why they wanted to quit dipping and here are the top 10 answers

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Smokeless Tobacco is Bad for you

The list of health issues smokeless tobacco usages causes is pretty long, but, no surprise, the biggest potential concern is cancer.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world, and, tragically, these numbers are still on the rise. Doesn’t make any sense to do things that make your chances of getting cancer skyrocket (like using tobacco products of any type)!

Cancer isn’t the only major health problem that can come from using smokeless tobacco. Other major health problems that can come from dipping are:

  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Increased risk of heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Increased risk of stroke

Here are more negative effects of smokeless tobacco.

Here are some warning signs you should be aware of.

Quit Tobacco and Save A LOT of money

1. Health insurance can cost up to 50% more per month for people who use tobacco products.

2. How much do you spend on dip in one week? If you dip a can a day, you’re spending roughly $2.75 – $7.00 a day; that’s $1,000- $2,555 per year.

3. Cancer treatments aren’t cheap.

Do it for Your Loved Ones

Most parents out there would agree that they only want the best for their kids and that they want them to have a happy and healthy life. Using smokeless tobacco around your kids sends them a negative message. Check out our other article about how smokeless tobacco can affect your kids.

Children who have a parent or relative who dips have a much higher chance of starting to dip at a young age.

We asked thousands of dippers how old they were when they started dipping and 40% started dipping before they were 15 years old.

Actions speak louder than words, and, even if you tell a child not to dip, if he/she sees a parent or relative dipping, it sends them the message that it’s actually OK to do.

Quit tobacco to be a good influence, and quit so you can have a greater chance of living longer and enjoying time with your loved ones. Life is too short and too precious to risk loosing it because of tobacco.

Quittin’ Ain’t Easy! Which is why BaccOff is here to help! Check out our Quit Dipping Bootcamp and get real-time support, guidance, and motivation to quit dipping for good.

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