Energized Fine Cut Wintergreen

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BaccOff ENERGIZED Extra Wintergreen is a no tobacco chew for dippers looking to quit smokeless tobacco and take extreme refreshment over the edge. This natural Energy booster gives you bold satisfaction and a kick of energy

Flavors: Strong, distinctive Wintergreen tobacco taste & shot of Caffeine and B vitamins


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BaccOff ENERGIZED Wintergreen: The Best in No Tobacco Chew

BaccOff ENERGIZED Extra Wintergreen gives you a realistic no tobacco chew so you can quit smokeless tobacco. If you’re looking for the bold, deep satisfaction of a crisp yet mellow wintergreen, then you’ve come to the right place. For over 20 years, we’ve been handcrafting this tobacco free chew for those trying to quit smokeless tobacco. We also craft this dip for looking for an intense wintergreen flavor, and needing a natural energy booster.

Our ENERGIZED Wintergreen is our strongest wintergreen no tobacco chew. We also offer our Extra Wintergreen in a regular Fine Cut. Also, if you’re looking for a wintergreen fake dip, but enjoy a purer wintergreen, try our Wintergreen Rough Cut. For those who like the mellow, deeply complex wintergreen of Grizzly tobacco snuff, order our Wintergreen Pouches. But, if you want a bold wintergreen AND the kick of a Red Bull, BaccOff ENERGIZED is natural energy booster no tobacco chew for you!

Our ENERGIZED Wintergreen is sure to be extremely refreshing and boldly satisfying in both taste and texture. And it’s certain to give you a natural energy boost of caffeine and B-vitamins!

energized wintergreen dip

Bold Satisfaction and Natural Energy Booster

Other brands of energy dip may boast of being natural energy booster. But no other no tobacco chew gives you the best of both worlds: a safe, realistic chewing tobacco alternative AND a natural energy booster with caffeine and B-vitamins! Only BaccOff ENERGIZED Wintergreen (and Straight) helps you quit smokeless tobacco while still letting you enjoy everything you love about dipping (minus the health risks!)

Why You Should Dip BaccOff ENERGIZED Wintergeen:

  • Bold, distinctive Wintergreen taste of popular wintergreen tobaccos
  • Cut and Texture of a traditional Fine Cut
  • Same kind of natural energy booster as popular energy drinks
  • Look and feel of real tobacco chew

Like all of our BaccOff Fine Cuts, our ENERGIZED natural energy booster energy dip is real as it gets to moist snuff in taste and texture.

Real Taste. Real Energy.

What if you could get over nicotine withdrawals, get to continue to enjoy dipping tobacco, and get a boost of energy to help you focus all in one? Well, good news, that’s exactly why we created BaccOff ENERGIZED. Our Wintergreen and Straight ENERGIZED Natural Energy Boosters take into account what no other energy dip does—that you like dipping. We know that the look of the can, the pack, the pinch, the spit are all as important as the taste. Unlike many herbal chewing blends, BacOff produces the amber liquid desired by most dippers.

Of course, with our no tobacco chew energy dip, swallowing the saliva will result in faster energy, but you can choose what’s right for you in the moment.

The Best Way to Quit Smokeless Tobacco

When you’re trying to quit smokeless tobacco, more than just the nictotine withdrawals cause stress. Dipping is a familiar habit, and one that you enjoy! You like the feel of something in your lip, the salty-sweet taste of dark fire-cured tobacco and wintergreen, the routine of spittin your dip. You also love the satisfaction of dipping. When you try to quit chewing cold turkey, you don’t just lose the nicotine. You also lose one of your favorite habits.

BaccOff helps reduce the stress of nicotine withdrawal. So this means, with BaccOff, you can successfully quit smokeless tobacco, with less stress. And with our ENERGIZED natural energy booster dip, you can enjoy more focus and more energy while you quit smokeless tobacco.

BaccOff ENERGIZED no tobacco chew and our other BaccOff dips feel like you’re really getting to dip. Without any of the harmful side effects of smokeless tobacco. We know that the look of the can, the pack, the pinch, the spit are all as important as the taste. Unlike many herbal chewing blends and no tobacco chews, BacOff produces the amber liquid desired by most dippers. Moreover, we don’t rely on molasses or heavy syrups to create cheap imitations. BaccOff has the spitability a realistic moist snuff should have. Spitting is preferred by most dippers, but BaccOff is safe to swallow too.

Dipping is a lifestyle, and one you enjoy! Keep enjoying what you love AND stop smokeless tobacco at the same time with BaccOff.
BaccOff is the safe natural chewing tobacco alternative. 100% Non-Tobacco Non-Nicotine Moist Snuff Alternative that’s As Real As It Gets. Learn more about our product on our About Us Page.

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  • Tea Leaves
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Glycerin
  • Carmel Color
  • Taurine
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Caffine
  • Niacin
  • Guarana
  • Viatmins B5, B6, B12


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About BaccOff

BaccOff is the safe smokeless tobacco alternative. 100% Non-Tobacco Non-Nicotine Most Snuff Alternative

We proudly serve thousands of long-term repeat customers who have successfully been able to stop dipping.

Learn more about our history

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Energized Fine Cut Wintergreen

  1. jqc91 (verified owner)

    The best!!!! Cant even tell I don’t have Tabacco in my lip it feels like a Nicotine rush first thing in the A.M.
    hopefully you guys come out with more flavors of the Energized line of products I’ll be the first to buy!!

  2. Walter E Powell (verified owner)

    I’ve been dipping since I was 18, that was 1988
    The Baccoff energized is the bomb!!!! I haven’t dipped Copenhagen in over 3 months. I tried Baccoff Roughcut and it was ok, until I tried the energized!!! Just buy it and try it! And if you don’t like it send me your cans!!! lol….

  3. stevenhardrick1 (verified owner)

    This is awesome it just got delivered to me about 40 minutes ago and I packed the can (which packs very well) It smells and taste just like Grizzly Wintergreen. I will be buying again.

  4. Tim Herron

    I cant wait to try it

  5. Nate

    I’ve been cheering the rough cut wintergreen which I absolutely love, anything in the works with getting it energized?? I’m just not a fine cut type of dipper.

  6. Jackson Hoover (verified owner)

    This tastes more like grizzly wintergreen than grizzly wintergreen tastes. It’s so accurate I can’t begin to say how thrilled I am with this product.

  7. Max (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this product. I had stopped for a few months on Zyn…but the pouches despite being cleaner and more appealing were super expensive and didn’t satisfy all my urges. Excellent flavor and cut. It’s somewhere between Copenhagen smooth and snuff in the texture. Flavor and spit-a-billity are great…it’s not exactly like tobacco, but man…it’s close, lots closer than anything else I’ve tried…and I’ve tried a bunch of the fake ones.

  8. Thomas McCarty (verified owner)

    This is by far my Favorite cut, I like the way it packs in the “tin” and the pinch I can get is just great and stays in my lip doesn’t move around, I think I’d like to mix this with the original rough cut wintergreen but you don’t need too ahah all in all I like that I can still pack a lip, or as I say throw a hammer in ahaha, this stuff is absolutely fantastic as it truly does work and helps me not go to my local gas station and get me a can of that trusty Copenhagen Wintergreen longcut, y’alls Straight pouches are on point with the flavor if you will and the Original Fine Cut and Original Energized reminded me so much of Copenhagen Longcut, the pinch ability and packability on all yalls cuts are fantastic, I like just this product “it’s just plain good” there’s not to much more I can say ahaha if to whomever read this lengthy review to the end REALY want to quit tobacco and have tried any other ALTERNATIVES, this one HANDS FREAKING DOWN HAS EVERYTHING YOUR LOOKING FOR! and will keep you occupied just like a REAL DIP it’s fantastic y’all will have a repeat customer I’m so glad I finally decided to try a yalls stuff and the Free Sample pack was fantastic as I bought that as the wintergreen variety pack 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


    Haven’t tried yet.

  10. Tim Crase (verified owner)

    The product is very good and a great alternative when trying to stop dipping.

  11. Kyden (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. It really taste almost the exact same as the real deal. They have done a very good job with it. There isn’t another out there that taste that close to it. The packability is good also. It’s not as amazing as a long cut but it’s a fine cut so what do you expect? Not many floaters once it’s actually in your lip. The only downside I would say is the flavor does go away pretty fast.

  12. Joel Cannon (verified owner)

    Baccoff Wintergreen is the best tobacco alternative, hands down. I was finally able to quit nicotine and tobacco, something that I never thought would be possible. Thank you, Baccoff. Highly recommend if you are serious about quitting.

  13. Tracy David

    My boyfriend is trying to quit dipping. He saw this so we are gonna try it out.

  14. Tracy Landry

    My boyfriend is trying to quit dipping. He saw this so we are gonna try it out.

  15. Mike

    It is very helpful. Does anyone else have a hard time packing it together though?

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