Effects of Chewing Tobacco

Effects of chewing tobacco

The effects of chewing tobacco are much more far-reaching and devastating than you may realize.

I’m not just talking about how it’s bad for your health—that’s just one of the many negative aspects of dipping.

I’m going to talk about three of the major effects of dipping, and I’m going to start with the least detrimental of the 3.

Effects of Chewing Tobacco on your Wallet

Some dippers spend over $3500 a year on tobacco, and heavy tobacco users spend even more than that on increased health insurance cost—not to mention the eventual doctor’s (or hospital!) visits for problems arising from tobacco use.

Effects of chewing tobacco on your wallet

I recently spoke with a 21-year-old who started dipping when he was 13, and he was just diagnosed with gum cancer. In the next year alone, he will have to spend at least $15,000 on medical bills.

The amount of nicotine you get from dipping tobacco is more than that received from smoking, which makes dipping more addictive than smoking.  While it’s not the nicotine that causes cancer, the high levels of nicotine in chewing tobacco make dippers crave it more frequently, so it quickly turns into an expensive habit.

Effects of Chewing Tobacco on the Kids

Whether you have kids or not, if you dip, you’re sending a message to every kid who sees you do it.

How many of you started dipping because you saw someone older than you doing it and you thought it was cool and wanted to try it?

Dipping has a ripple effect

Every action and decision you take has a ripple effect, even if you don’t realize it. Just think, if just one teenager sees you dipping and it influences him to start dipping, and then 10 other teens see him dipping and want to start dipping, and then each of those teens influences 3 others to dip, and so on.

You see how it’s a ripple effect and that dipping in frontof just one kid could be much more far-reaching and devastating than you may have thought?

You’re a role model, especially to everyone younger than you, and it’s your responsibility to set a good example.

Read this blog post for more about how dipping affects kids

Effects of Chewing Tobacco on Your Health

The chemicals in smokeless tobacco alter your cells’ genetic structure, which can lead to many health problems.

Cancers you can get from smokeless tobacco include mouth, tongue, gum, esophagus, pancreatic and stomach.

Other negative health effects of dipping tobacco are oral disease, mouth lesions, receding gums, deteriorated teeth and jaw bones, increased blood pressure/heart disease, pregnancy risks, bad breath, tooth decay, and pregnancy risks.

You can learn more about the ways dip is bad for you here.

Click here if you need some more reasons to quit dipping.

Quittin Ain’t Easy!!

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One comment on “Effects of Chewing Tobacco

  1. Lee Cleet Lee Cleet

    I chewed tobacco for 12 years, and just quit 2 months ago. I love to chew, but I don’t. My mouth feels disgusting right after chewing. And all the bottles of pure nasty I would have.
    Well I am a single father, I quit for my 4 year old daughter, every time I had a craving I would say it is for the Kid…. Not for me… every dollar I save is for the Kid… every day i gain is for the kid…..
    Find something or someone you love… do it for them. Fight it.. be a cheapskate…. whatever it takes. I always would say I want to chew but > can’t if I don’t buy it…..

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