dipping and health insurance

What you need to know about dipping and health insurance

If you have health insurance, you probably know that one of the questions they ask is if you use tobacco or have used it in the last year(s). The reason for this is because using tobacco (including smokeless tobacco) has an effect on your health insurance rates. Most insurance companies increase the rates of tobacco… Read more »

Effects of chewing tobacco

Effects of Chewing Tobacco

The effects of chewing tobacco are much more far-reaching and devastating than you may realize. I’m not just talking about how it’s bad for your health—that’s just one of the many negative aspects of dipping. I’m going to talk about three of the major effects of dipping, and I’m going to start with the least… Read more »

is dip bad for you

Is Dip Bad For You?

Lots of people have asked, “Is dip bad for you?” In fact, every month over 500 people in the US ask Google that exact question, which means a lot of people don’t know about the dangers of chewing tobacco or dip. Is dip bad for you? Although smokeless tobacco is “relatively” less lethal, it is still… Read more »

Early signs of mouth cancers

Early Signs of Mouth Cancer

Oral cancer, also referred to as mouth cancer, is a deadly type of cancer that affects thousands of people every year, especially in the United States. It is important to know the early signs of mouth cancer. The sooner you catch and treat oral cancer, the greater your chances are of beating it! While many… Read more »

Can gums grow back?

Can Gums Grow Back After Dipping

It’s a proven fact that smokeless tobacco causes gum and bone deterioration, and a very common question is “Do gums grow back after dipping?” The short answer is “NO”. The long answer is “Your gums have 100x less of a chance of growing back than the Seattle Mariners have of winning the World Series” The… Read more »

baccoff healthy fake dip

BaccOff is the Healthy Chew

not only is it safe, it’s the healthy chew Yup, that’s right,if you’re looking to quit tobacco and keep on dipping, BaccOff is the healthy chew (dip) for you. In this post, I’ll break down some of what sets BaccOff above the rest, including our commitment to quality ingredients and some of the potential health… Read more »