Can Gums Grow Back After Dipping

Can gums grow back?

It’s a proven fact that smokeless tobacco causes gum and bone deterioration, and a very common question is “Do gums grow back after dipping?”

The short answer is “NO”. The long answer is “Your gums have 100x less of a chance of growing back than the Seattle Mariners have of winning the World Series”

The only solution for deteriorated gums and bones is difficult (and expensive) corrective or cosmetic surgery.

When you put a tobacco dip in your lip, the tobacco starts to not only break down the tissue, but it also starts to alter the genetic structure and the chemicals in tobacco inhibit your immune system. All these factors lead to oral health problems including cancer, sores, tooth decay, inflammation, and bone and gum deterioration.

The sores in your mouth will heal after you quit using smokeless tobacco, but the your gums and bones won’t grow back even after you quit.

Why should you care if your gums recede? Because it makes teeth more likely to decay or fall out, and it looks nasty (just google receding gums).

Does everyone who uses smokeless tobacco get receding gum lines and bone deterioration? No, not everyone, but 30% do. And a whopping 75% of long-term smokeless tobacco users getleukoplakia (which can lead to cancer) and are 50% more likely to get oral cancer (that’s not including the other types of cancer you can get from using tobacco) .

If you use smokeless tobacco and are already starting to experience gum deterioration, then you need to quit now. If you’re dipping and you haven’t had any gum deterioration, then you need to quit now before you do. The best time to quit is now because the more you dip, the greater your chance of having a serious problem because of smokeless tobacco. If you’re over 40 then you defiantly need to quit now because you have a much greater chances of gum and bone deterioration and oral cancer.

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10 comments on “Can Gums Grow Back After Dipping

      1. Brad Olson Brad Olson

        I just looked at my gums for the 1st time and was blown away. They are damn near gone, with the whole root of my tooth showing. I have been trying to quit for over 15 years with no success.

  1. Terra Terra

    I’m terrified to see my dentist. I have a spot on one of my lower teeth & I’m soooo scared. What will they do???

    1. Tonya Tonya

      Hi Daniel, BaccOff is 100% Nicotine and Tobacco free and is made with a tea or mint leaf base and top quality, FDA approved ingredients (all food ingredients and no harmful chemicals).

  2. Joshua Joshua

    Baccoff for me is so much better than the other fake dips I haven’t tried them all but I have a few and baccoff is much better and closer to the real thing PLUS you can go to the store and buy it just like you do tobacco so that was a plus for me .

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