quit dipping timeline

Quit Dipping Timeline

Quittin’ Smokeless Tobacco Aint’ Easy

It takes a lot of dedication and willpower to quit dipping tobacco and it helps to know what to expect when you quit and also have a timeline to follow.

Here are the initial steps of the quit dipping timeline to be done every day for the first week of your quit.

Quit Dipping Timeline: Days 1 & 2

Quit Dipping Timeline: Days 3 & 4

  • Get some motivation by reading these blog posts
  • Remind yourself that millions of people were able to kill their tobacco abdication, and SO CAN YOU. You’re strong enough to do it.
  • Mix BaccOff 60/40 with your regular dip (60% BaccOff 40% regular dip)

Quit Dipping Timeline: Day 5 & 6

Quit Dipping Timeline: Days 7 & 8

  • Don’t mix any regular dip with the BaccOff, now just dip 100% BaccOff.
  • Anytime you crave tobacco, take a dip of BaccOff and remind yourself it’ll only get easier from here on out.

Quit Dipping Timeline: Days 9 to 14

  • Give yourself a pat on the back! There is no more nicotine in your system now. Just because the nicotine is out of your system, doesn’t mean you should let your guard down.
  • You might think, “I’ve proven I can do it, so one dip won’t hurt nothin.” But DON’TDO IT! At this point it’s very easy to fall back into old habits.
  • When you feel the need to pack a lip, remind yourself that you are in control, and grab a can of BaccOff.
  • If you find yourself about to buy a can of dip, give yourself a guilt trip and remind yourself of how hard you worked to get the nicotine out of your system.

Quit Dipping Timeline: Weeks 3-4

  • Congratulations! You have quit smokeless tobacco for two whole weeks! Total freedom is fast approaching and you should be seeing some major changes taking place. Although you still want tobacco, you should want it less and less.
  • You do not feel the burning need for a dip like you did only a few weeks ago. The waves are coming further apart and with less intensity.
  • When you get cravings, think about the success of your hard work and how bad it would suck to have to go through the quitting process again.
  • The average time for breaking a habit is four to five months, so you’ll have to be strong for a while.
  • Be patient and continue to look day to day. Keep up the good work and never let your guard down even for a minute.

Quit Dipping Timeline: Weeks 5-8

  • Congratulations on making it through the first month! This is a major accomplishment. However, you are not done yet.
  • By now you can see some real changes in your attitude and outlook. You should be able to visualize your freedom, but at the same time you may still want to have a dip.
  • The battle is not as bad as it was, but it is still there.
  • Do not let your guard down during this second month because you are not done yet. Apply good old determination to all your efforts.
  • Focus on your primary goal to quit smokeless for good and reaffirm that dipping is no longer an option.
  • Look back on your success of the last month and draw strength and confidence from your accomplishment. Look forward to the hope of the future and visualize your ultimate goal of freedom from smokeless tobacco.

Quit Dipping Timeline: Months 3-5

  • Month 3: This is the most dangerous month after you have quit dip. Somewhere during this month you will face your second most difficult challenge- seasonal triggers. The only thing worse than the upcoming seasonal triggers is the nicotine withdrawals from week one of the quit dip process.
  • By now you think you have beat your addiction and this pride causes lots of people to mess up. The temptation to dip will likely resurface in a powerful, unsuspecting way during the third month. It is often triggered by emotions and old habits associated with seasonal changes that occur about every three months. These seasonal triggers could include things such as the coming of football season, hunting season, fishing season, a vacation or the coming of spring, summer, fall or winter.
  • Most people who have experienced this strong urge to dip again report that if you can just hold off, this urge to dip is short lived. Your “self-talk” will tell you that you “can handle it, you haven’t dipped in two months. Just one dip or one can to get you through __________ (insert trigger here) won’t hurt.” If you listen to this lie you will mess up and be back at day one of the quit dip
  • It is important that you are prepared for this attack. Keep some BaccOff on hand so when you get any urges, you can just take a dip of BaccOff and tell yourself if you give up now, it’s a lot of hard work for nothing.
  • When an event triggers your desire to dip recognize it as a lie, speak the truth, listen to it and use BaccOff to beat the urge. Remember that using a tobacco free snuff is not using tobacco. It is part of breaking tobacco addiction.

Quit Dipping Timeline:Months 4-5

  • After the crisis in the third month you will notice your desire for a dip is fading and almost gone.
  • There will be times that you will still want a dip, but your sense of accomplishment and the success of reaching your goal are much greater than the desire to dip.
  • Your pride is the only danger remaining. If you tell yourself that you “have it under control” or that “just one dip out of a friend’s can will not hurt” YOU ARE WRONG. Within one week you will destroy all of your hard work from the past few months.
  • Do not look back and never let your guard down. It is not worth it!

Quit Dipping Timeline: Month 6 and Onwards

You have put so much into the quit dip process and are proud of the freedom you now have. Share your success with other family members or friends trying to quit dip. You can even leave your story on our site as an encouragement to others trying to quit dip. We would love to hear your story and how you quit dip for good! Add your comment to this page with your story about killing your tobacco habit.

The hard part is over, but the battle is not won. You must continue to resist the occasional desire to dip. The more time passes the easier it will become and before you know it you will have quit dip for good.

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  1. Ryan Ryan

    I passed my three month mark of no dip a week ago. I swear the first few weeks we so easy. I keep telling myself that I could handle an occasional dip but I know I would go head first back into full dip mode. I have done this without your product, but I’ve used it in the past while trying to quit. I’d love to use your product again but I’m a little nervous to put any dip type replacement in and then I would get the temptation. Anyways, thanks for being there for people quitting.

    1. John John

      Hope you’re still going strong but I just hit my first month mark, but I feel the exact same away about putting anything in my lip besides some sunflower seeds.

  2. Robert Stines Robert Stines

    I have quit now for 12 months. I have never felt better knowing that I am not a slave to that junk anymore. It definitely has been hard, but I stayed strong and stayed convicted too break my habit.

  3. Eric Eric

    I just hit my 3 month mark today, and I started feeling that craving kick in maybe 2 days ago. Its definitely tough, and I’m terrified that if I use an alternative it’ll just lead me to using dip again. Going to suck it up and drive through for now, but thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one feeling this way at this point.

  4. Josh Pendlebury Josh Pendlebury

    I’ve tried tea bags, seeds, jerky… but ever since deployment I see. To always go right back into my old habits of hiding anxiety through dipping and nail biting.. I lie and lie to the people around me because I feel lesser of a man. I lie to my spouse. She always finds a can, and the circle of despair and anxiety continue.

    Today I purchased a full roll and two coffee pouch cans too. Let’s give this a hard try and just be honest.

    I don’t have a FB so unfortunately I’m at it alone.

    Wish the product was at the house right now.

    1. Adam S(aint)James Adam S(aint)James

      Josh. You’re not truly alone. Thing about this is we are all experiencing it in some form or another. When you mentioned lying and your spouse finding cans? My ex girlfriend used to find them. I tried hiding em everywhere. I’d lie. My current chick doesn’t know I’m an addict. 2 cans a day. 37 years old. I quit almost four weeks ago because I started to feel a weird lump in my throat… the fear of it potentially being cancer really hit me hard and I quit instantly haha. This week is crazy hard while the first three were simple. This is Saturday night right now. I have only been chewing gum but right now I wanna buy a can bad. I won’t because fuckin a! I’ve been spending money every day for 11 years to what, kill myself? You can do it bro. Cold turkey (like me), nicotine gum or patches, or even the stuff they sell here. Just do it and do it now. It ain’t worth the potential consequences. Just post on here.

  5. SK SK

    Today marked my 90 days of no dip. I was never ready to quit and it was not in my mind either. But it all happened unknowingly and definitely I am very happy about it. 3 months back, it was late night and I was out of dip. I got little lazy to go out and buy a can. so, I looked around to see if I can put something to kill my cravings. I saw a small jar of basil leaves in the kitchen cabinet. Took one spoon of leaves out of it and packed it on my lips. The craving was gone and since then I am using basil leaves to kill my craving. Wanted to share with all of you, basil helped me and might be helpful if you are struggling.


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