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Tobacco has been used by humans for a long long time, and one of the oldest methods is chewing it. While many advocate that it is safer to chew than smoke, there are still negative side effects of tobacco, making it not worth the risk. Smokeless tobacco users tend to intake a lot more nicotine than smokers, which can make dipping more addictive than smoking. Check out some of the withdrawal symptoms of quitting nicotine and how to beat them.

One thing that makes it easier to quit dipping tobacco is to have a replacement for it in your mouth. There are lots of different alternatives to chewing tobacco to help you quit, so I’ll list them all out here in no particular order.

You’ve probably already heard some of these before, but I’ll go ahead and list them for any readers who may not have:

Sunflower seeds

1. Nuts or Seeds

Put some chopped nuts or seeds between your lip and gum (like you would dip). Sunflower seeds are the most common ones to use. I suggest going with the unsalted type because too much salt ain’t good for your heart.

You can also use pumpkin seeds, watermelonseeds, almonds, chopped peanuts, and pretty much any kind of (edible) nut or seed.

2. Dried Fruit

You can also try raisins, dried apples, dried chopped peaches or apricots and any other dried fruit that you like. It’s best to use the ones that aren’t flavored or sweetened.

beef jerkey

3. Jerky

Shred some jerky (beef or deer both work fine) and use that, or use some un-shredded jerkyand then chew it up a bit tosoften it up, and leave it between your gum and lip. There are some jerkies out that that already come shredded, which it makes it easier to pack a lip of jerky.


4. Gum

I’ve known a lot of guys who used gum to try to quit. The success rate was pretty low with the guys I knew, so I wouldn’t say it’s a great alternative, but it’s an option. If you try to use gum to quit, just make sure you use sugarfree gum.

4. BaccOff

Bet you didn’t see that comin’! Why settle for sunflower seeds or toothpicks when you can quit tobacco AND keep dipping? BaccOff is the best chewing tobacco alternative and has been helping people quit smokeless tobacco for over 25 years now. On top of all that, our 7-step program is CLINICALLY PROVEN. There isn’t a single clinically proven program that uses nuts, dried fruit, jerky or gum—probably because those other methods don’t work nearly as well as using BaccOff’smoist snuff alternative.

Sure, there are other non-tobacco chews out there, butBaccOff is the most realistic one on the market hands down. BaccOff also has that familiar “burn” you love, and you can spit just like you’re using real tobacco (you can also gut it if you want becauseBaccOff is healthy)

Check out what these dippers had to say about Baccoff.

Regardless of what chewing tobacco alternative you decide on, you’ll need willpower. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world, and kicking the habit ain’t easy! Quitting tobacco (and nicotine) is one of the manliest things you can do. The easiest thing to do is be a wimp and let your addiction control you (and your wallet).

Giving into your addiction is the easy thing to do. Be strong and conquer your addiction.

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  1. Tyler Wachna Tyler Wachna

    Found this site as I approach 100 days dip free*, but my alternative has been Nicorette gum. I’m proud, but hoping to one day put all nicotine behind me. Would love to see a Baccoff flavoured like Cherry Skoal!

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