Chewing Tobacco VS Dip

Chewing Tobacco vs Dip

Chewing Tobacco vs Dip

There are differences between chewing tobacco and dip (moist snuff).

Chewing tobacco vs dip (moist snuff): what’s the difference?

The Cuts

The cut of dip ranges from very finely ground fine cut to long cut, which dippers generally find is easier to use. The most common types of dip are long cut, wide cut, and fine cut (or moist snuff).

Loose leaf chewing tobacco is the most common cut of chew, but it also comes in pellets or bits, and plugs. You may have also heard chew called “chaw”.

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Pinch of dip

The Pinch

This is where things can get picky between chewing tobacco and dip. A beginner may just pinch what can fit between their index finger and thumb, but someone with more experience dipping or chewing may pinch off a little more.


While dipping, the nicotine is absorbed through the mouth, and the extra saliva or “spit” is either spat out or swallowed. Dip is usually kept in between 10 – 30 minutes, or longer depending on personal preference.

packing a lip of chew


Dip is placed inside of the mouth between the lower lip and outer gums.

Chew is put between gums and the cheek or between the teeth and the cheek. The chewing tobacco or dip is packed tight in the mouth, and the tongue is used to help get it in place.

Spit Cup or Mudjug

Mind your manners and spit your extra saliva into a cup, a bottle, mudjug or in the trash can.

The Rub

Here’s the rub: whatever the differences between chewing tobacco vs dip, it’s all chewing tobacco, so sadly, the health risks are the same. We’ve got good news for you though—with BaccOff, you don’t ever have to give up dipping.

If you want to quit dipping tobacco, but want a realistic tobacco free dip, BaccOff makes the most realistic moist snuff alternatives. Our cuts and flavors are as real as it gets to traditional fine cuts, wide cuts (hence the name rough cut).

For the chewers out there, though we don’t have a plug for you, most guys are blown away by how enjoyable our pouches are. Give them a try!

Worried about nicotine withdrawals? The easiest way to quit is by mixing your regular tobacco with BaccOff products.

If you’re ready to quit smokeless tobacco, check out our Quit Dipping Bootcamp.

how to quit dipping

5 comments on “Chewing Tobacco VS Dip

  1. Sheila Kirkland Sheila Kirkland

    If I had to choose one it wouldn’t be the long cut. Honestly none of it looks too good. Why not put something for tobacco in a pouch. Nothing that has minty taste. These guys won’t even try minty or even one that’s fine. They want to open their packs and get a taste of Redman, Levites Levi Garrett. They want a pouch.

    1. Randall Faris Randall Faris

      Brian, I think they mean “pouch”, as in long leaf chewing tobacco that is sold in big pouches. Red Man, Beechnut, Stoker’s, Levi Garrett, etc.

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