If you saw our video about our clinically proven, 7 Step program to quit smokeless tobacco, you probably noticed that those steps focused on quitting loose cuts.

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If you’re a pouch user, then this page is for you.

If you dip pouches, then the method for quitting is quite simple. Here’s what you’ll do: switch back and forth between the number of BaccOff pouches and regular tobacco pouches you use each time you dip until you’ve been able to swap over to BaccOff completely!

Step 1: Load up on your favorite flavor of BaccOff Pouches

Step 2: Mix it up.

Grab some cans of BaccOff and then mix it so you have a couple of cans with half of your regular brand pouches and half BaccOff pouches. It’s important to mix your cans ahead of time, so you’re prepared when you have a nicotine craving. Believe it or not, most people find it helps the cravings if the pouches are stored in the BaccOff cans (who says mind tricks don’t work!) Tip: have a spouse or buddy mix the cans up for you when you’re not looking, so you completely remove the temptation to sneak real tobacco.

Step 3: Store the mixed cans in a designated area.

Each day, return the empty cans to this location and grab as many new cans as you like.

Step 4: Pack a lip

When you get the urge to dip, us one pouch of your regular dip and one of BaccOff. You may be able to tell a slight difference between the two brands of pouches’ appearances, but most dippers find mixing a regular brand with their BaccOff pouches works well to help reduce stress!

fake tobacco pouches

Step 5: Slowly increase the number of BaccOff pouches you dip and reduce the number or regular tobacco pouches you use.

After the first week, mix your cans with 2/3 BaccOff pouches. At this stage, skip using tobacco pouches every other dip. Stay at this mix level as long as you need to. If you backslide, just go back to the half and half mix of BaccOff until you’re ready to try upping the ante again.

Step 7: When you’re ready, go fully over to Baccoff and keep enjoying dipping without any of the harmful side effects!

Pat yourself on the back. You quit tobacco without giving up dipping.

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