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Last month I wrote about the right way to prepare for your New Year’s resolutions (click to read that article), so now I’m going to tell you how you can stick with them. Check out these 5 things you can do to make sure you don’t give up on your resolution:

Question Yourself

questions for dipping resolution

Make it a habit to ask yourself 2 questions each morning

  • Was I strong enough to stick with my resolution?If the answer to the first question was “No,” then ask yourself:
  • “Why did I fail? What (or who) was the trigger that made me fail?”

The more you focus on your resolution, the better chance you’ve got of doing the right thing when you’re faced with a temptation. The easiest way to keep your resolution a priority is to make it a daily habit to remind yourself to stick with your commitment.

Carry a Card

Carry a card in your pocket or wallet that says:

Millions have done this before me, SO CAN I!

Every time you think of giving up on your resolution, remind yourself of the millions who were strong enough to succeed. I mentioned this in my last blog post, but I’m going to mention it again because it’s something that has helped me overcome many challenges in life. When I was about to ship off to boot camp, my recruiter told me,

“Anytime you think its too hard and you want to give up, just think of the millions of men and women who have done it, if they could all do it, so can you!”

Avoid Triggers that will make you Fail

When I finally decided it was time to give up tobacco, I realized that alcohol and a dip went hand in hand, so every time I was drinking, the desire to have a dip was much stronger than normal.

If I had been drinking too much, I’d say, “To hell with resolutions” and I’d pack a lip. To help myself get past the first 2 weeks (which is always the toughest) I quit drinking as well. I realized drinking was a trigger, so I quit that as well until I was free of my addiction to tobacco.

If you’re trying to lose weight and have a weakness for Whoppers, then don’t tell yourself, “I’m just going to pop in to BK for a salad” because the second the smells hit you and you see others devouring burgers, you’ll start convincing yourself: Just one won’t hurt or I’ll get the salad next time.

Trust me…been there, done that. It’s best to avoid all triggers and temptations that might cause you to put your resolution on hold.

Get Back Up When You Stumble!

If your resolution is to quit tobacco, and you sneak a dip when you’re out hunting with your buddies, don’t say “Oh well, I failed my resolution. Might as well just start dipping again.” After you stumble, pull out your card (from step 2) and re-motivate yourself!

“I screwed up yesterday, but NOT today.”

When you do slip up or give in to a weakness, make sure you reset the countdown to your reward (See point 5 of my previous post)

Get Someone to Hold You Accountable

If you have a significant other, then try to get her/him on board with holding you to your resolution. As you can see in our clinically proven, 7-step program for quitting smokeless tobacco,letting a helper hold you accountable greatly helps your chances of succeeding.

Quit Chewing Tobacco

Ready to stick to your resolution? Join the BaccOff FB group where we are going to be sharing our resolutions and holding each other accountable. The focus of this group is for helping people who want to quit smokeless tobacco, but all other resolutions are welcome…plus you can just come and chat with some like-minded folks. Click here to join.

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