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BaccOff has been helping people quit smokeless tobacco for over 26 years now.

Here are just a few review videos that our customers have made over the years.


BaccOff Mint Rough Cut Review

BaccOff Wintergreen Rough Cut Review

General BaccOff Review

BaccOff Extra Wintergreen Fine Cut Review

BaccOff Energized Wintergreen Fine Cut Review

BaccOff Apple Pouches Review

BaccOff Mint Pouches Review

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3 comments on “BACCOFF REVIEWS

  1. michael michael

    I purchased energizes wintergreen and rough cut mint. I think the Rough Cut Mint was really good and I don’t even like mint chewing tobacco. Felt like orbit gum it was great. The wintergreen was very tasty as well, mild not over coming. MY only complaint is that the product was hard to get a good pinch, would fall out of my hand, I’m sure refrigerating it would maybe fix this, I will try this.

  2. Michael Fredette Michael Fredette

    I purchased the rough cut wintergreen, and let me tell you, I had my doubts, but as soon as it came in today, I through a dip in my mouth and was blown away. Same burn, great flavor, nice and moist, not dry like you find sometimes with the real stuff. Absolutely fantastic job! Your product is amazing! I’ll be buying regularly.

  3. Cap Cap

    For all those real dippers out there that don’t care about energize bullshit, coffee bullshit. This could be a good product if they focus more on getting a good packed pinch rather than put energy in it. When I go for a pinch, I like a good packed lipper that does make a mess. This product has good flavor but you lose half the can trying to get a pinch and doesn’t pack worth a shit.


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