Popular Dip Flavors

dip flavors

There are a whole lot of different chewing tobacco and dip brands and flavors out there, so we thought we’d compile a list of all the different major ones.

Leave a reply with what dip flavor you would like BaccOff to come out with next. If we left our your brand and flavor of choice, leave a comment.


  • Copenhagen Original Fine Cut (introduced in 1822)
  • Copenhagen Original Long Cut
  • Copenhagen Original Pouches
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Copenhagen Extra Long Cut Natural
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Straight
  • Copenhagen Wintergreen Pouches
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Southern Blend
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Mint
  • Copenhagen Mint Pouches
  • Copenhagen Weyman’s Reserve
  • Copenhagen Smooth Mint


  • Grizzly Long Cut Natural
  • Grizzly Fine Cut Natural
  • Grizzly Extra Long Cut Natural
  • Grizzly Snuff
  • Grizzly Snuff Pouches
  • Grizzly Long Cut Straight
  • Grizzly Straight Pouches
  • Grizzly Long Cut Mint
  • Grizzly Mint Pouches
  • Grizzly Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Grizzly Wintergreen Pouches
  • Grizzly Wide Cut Wintergreen
  • Grizzly Long Cut Dark Wintergreen (fire-cured tobacco)
  • Grizzly Dark Wintergreen Pouches
  • Grizzly Long Cut Dark Mint
  • Grizzly Long Cut Dark Straight / Select References


  • Kodiak Mint Long Cut
  • Kodiak Straight Long Cut
  • Kodiak Wintergreen Long Cut and Pouches
  • Kodiak straight pouches


  • Longhorn Fine Cut Natural
  • Longhorn Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Longhorn Long Cut Mint
  • Longhorn Long Cut Natural
  • Longhorn Long Cut Straight
  • Longhorn Long Cut Wintergreen


  • Skoal Original Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Skoal Bandits Mint
  • Skoal Bandits Wintergreen
  • Skoal Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Skoal Long Cut Straight
  • Skoal Long Cut Mint
  • Skoal Long Cut Classic
  • Skoal Long Cut Cherry
  • Skoal Long Cut Spearmint
  • Skoal Long Cut Apple Blend
  • Skoal Long Cut Berry Blend
  • Skoal Long Cut Citrus Blend
  • Skoal Long Cut Peach Blend
  • Skoal Pouches Mint
  • Skoal Pouches Straight
  • Skoal Pouches Wintergreen
  • Skoal Pouches Apple
  • Skoal Pouches Citrus
  • Skoal Pouches Berry
  • Skoal Snus Mint
  • Skoal Snus Smooth Mint
  • Skoal X-tra Crisp Blend Long Cut/Pouches
  • Skoal X-tra Mint Long Cut/Pouches
  • Skoal X-tra Rich Blend Long Cut/Pouches
  • Skoal X-tra Wintergreen Long Cut/Pouches

Timber Wolf

  • Timber Wolf Fine Cut Natural
  • Timber Wolf Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Apple
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Cool Wintergreen
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Mint
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Natural
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Peach
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Timber Wolf Pouches Natural
  • Timber Wolf Pouches Wintergreen


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42 comments on “Popular Dip Flavors

  1. George George

    I would like to order three different varieties the Wintergreen rough cut the peach pouches and the mint pouches. How can I make an order like that?

    1. Al Al

      I dipped for 39 years first skoal fine cut wintergreen and switched to skoal long cut straight which I really liked till i quit cold turkey September 21st 2018
      It’s been tough, but baccoff has made it less painful.
      skoal long cut straight only if baccoff could replica that taste would be a dream alternative dip come true.

    2. Jimmy Leddon Jimmy Leddon

      How about a something like a Skoal Long Cut Straight. And not in a pouch nither. Or a Grizzly Long Cut Straight. Make products close to this. And I’ll buy them!!

  2. Mark Mark

    I would like to see the peach blend come out in a rough cut. I dip Skoal peach long cut. Would like to maybe quit if I had the alternative peach in a rough cut! Thanks!

    1. Will D Will D

      I just ordered a 5 can sampler. So far I think the mint pouches and rough cut is better than the wintergreen and I don’t typically like the mint. But I think it is the best products I have tried so far but if you are talking about a dream come true….. I reallllllly wish you could replicate Copenhagen Wintergreen Longcut a little better. Although still good I just feel like your original wintergreen didn’t really have the bold wintergreen taste as of course I’m used to with Copenhagen. Thank you for trying to make a difference.

    1. Joe Joe

      A blen that tastes like black and mild cigars. Would be great only one company has it and it’s hard to get in small amounts

    2. Scott Zirbel Scott Zirbel

      I would like to see a cherry in pouch and fine cut and peach and apple in fine cut/rough cut. Thanks you guys have a great product

  3. David Boitos David Boitos

    If you could replicate Copenhagen Weyman’s Reserve in a long cut or extra long cut you would put Copenhagen out of business. They can’t even keep up with the demand when they feel like releasing it once every few years for a limited time. Thanks.

  4. Dustin Dustin

    I was wondering if there were any plans for a spearmint flavor in the future.

    I’m a 20 year dipper. I have tried all kinds of alternatives, but Baccoff was the one that sold me. My local grocery carries Classic Wintergreen and Smooth Peach pouches. I was never into fine cut, but I liked how it was similar to the real thing. Pouches aren’t really my thing either, but I loved the flavor of the pouches so much that I’m going to use them to quit tobacco. It’s been a long time coming, and I really appreciate what y’all are doing.

  5. Dustin Dustin

    Grizzly Wintergreen, mostly. Sometimes I would dip Copenhagen Wintergreen or Kodiak, but I always stuck with Grizzly. Back when I was younger, I dipped Skoal Spearmint and Peach, along with some of the other “candy” flavors. I also liked those Swedish Snus pouches for when I was at work or other situations where I couldn’t spit or pack a lip. Speaking of, since Snus is growing in popularity here in the states, I think that’d be a good market for y’all. Other alternatives have dry pouches that moisten in the mouth, but they’re all nonconventional flavors. A Snus alternative that has the flavor profile of General White would be something that American consumers looking to quit would likely go for.

  6. Scott Scott

    I used to chew tough guy cinnamon chew and it was my go to chew until they stopped making it. I now chew ZYN spearmint which I really enjoy but would like to get away from the nicotine. I would love to see your next flavor be a cinnamon or spearmint. There is not a lot of options out there for these flavors so I feel you would benefit greatly. I would definitely be a buyer of one of these two flavors or both if they were available. Thank you for your time and have a good day.

  7. Keith Keith

    Skoal Long Cut Classic alternative would be great. I’ve tried many of your offerings and they help, but keep slipping back to Skoal. Hopefully you come out with that alternative once I’ve kicked the dip habit for good, but it may help the next guy!

  8. Jim Dandy Jim Dandy

    Been dipping for 35 years… Skoal Straight long cut and Mint… then switched to Longhorn straight and Mint long cut 20 years ago for the price because Longhorn was as close to Skoal as you could get.
    Those are bout the best. Stokers isn’t bad, the cut is super long but the tatse is too sweet. So a Skoal or Longhorn cut/tatse at a REASONABLE price would be nice. Currently $22 for a 14.4 oz 12 can equivalant tub for Longhorn.
    And for everyone’s sake NO wintergreen!

  9. Bud Bud

    I’m a previous baccoff user. I come back from time to time to check if any new flavors and cuts are available. Red seal long cut natural was my dip of choice. I like the flavor of natural pouches or original, but I need a long cut to satisfy my uldip urges. Get a long cut natural and you will have me back.

    1. April Posey April Posey

      Hi Bud,
      We will be happy to pass your suggestion along! Please be sure to keep checking our website for new products.

  10. Matthew H Matthew H

    a new flavor that would be awesome would be spicy cinnamon fine cut and also a spearmint as well of the same flavors in pouches also

  11. Mark Mark

    I started Levi Garrett in 1982 and it has been the only brand I’ve been with. I’ve tried apple, peach, cherry, black cherry flavors and all the natural flavors but I’ve always stayed with Levi Garrett.
    What do you have that’s similar to Levi Garrett?

    1. eric@baccoff.com eric@baccoff.com

      Hey Mark, thanks for reaching out. Loose leaf chewing tobaccos like Levi Garrett or Red Man are a very classic and specific cut, that is difficult to reproduce, and still do it justice. But rest assured though, our team hears the requests for products like these and are working hard to bring them to market.
      In the meantime, may we suggest checking out our Smooth Peach Pouches, which offer a familiar sweetness that may help satiate your cravings if you prefer products like Levi Garrett or Red Man Gold. Here’s a link to our Smooth Peach Pouches, and if you have any other questions, we’re happy to help! https://dipstop.com/product/smooth-peach-pouches/

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