Chewing Tobacco Prices

chewing tobacco prices by state

Chewing Tobacco Prices By State

Ever wondered why chewing tobacco prices vary from state to state and even by city? It’s usually because of the level of tobacco tax in that location, but the cost also varies depending on the store selling it. What kind of profit are they’re needing to get? And, as you know, the smokeless tobacco brand affects the chewing tobacco price.

We looked at all the different brands, shops, and locations and compiled a list of the average price of chewing tobacco by state. This is just intended to give you an average on the can cost you may see if you hit a gas station in any of these states on a road trip —and if you may want to stock up on your favorite dip before you head out or not!

How close did we get? Let us know if we’re spot on, close, or way off on the chewing tobacco costs in your area.

  • Alaska: $3.75
  • Alabama: $5.00
  • Arkansas: $3.60
  • Arizona: $2.53
  • California: $6.50
  • Colorado: $3.00
  • Connecticut: $3.21
  • Washington DC: $3.45
  • Delaware: $2.64
  • Florida: $3.96
  • Georgia: $3.50
  • Hawaii: $3.64
  • Idaho: $3.00
  • Illinois: $2.91
  • Indiana: $2.66
  • Iowa: $5.00
  • Kansas: $4.00
  • Kentucky: $2.46
  • Louisiana: $2.85
  • Maine: $7.00
  • Maryland: $3.00
  • Massachusetts: $6.50
  • Michigan: $4.85
  • Minnesota: $7.00
  • Missouri: $2.36
  • Mississippi: $2.46
  • Montana: $5.50
  • Nebraska: $2.57
  • Nevada: $2.79
  • New Hampshire: $3.54
  • New Jersey: $2.79
  • New Mexico: $2.68
  • New York: $7.00
  • North Carolina: $2.42
  • North Dakota: $2.74
  • Ohio: $2.51
  • Oklahoma: $5.00
  • Oregon: $3.54
  • Pennsylvania: $3.32
  • Rhode Island: $3.86
  • South Carolina: $2.25
  • South Dakota: $2.89
  • Tennessee: $2.28
  • Texas: $6.00
  • Utah: $3.99
  • Vermont: $8.00
  • Virginia: $2.36
  • Washington: $7.00
  • Wisconsin: $8.00
  • West Virginia: $2.29
  • Wyoming: $5.89

Again, if you’ve seen different prices than what we have here, comment and let us know!

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42 comments on “Chewing Tobacco Prices

    1. Lance Lance

      No no please no I’m moving up there for work and I dip Copenhagen mint like 6 cans a week ??

      1. Logan Logan

        Im traveling to wisconsin the prices in Illinois are expensive the cheap long horn chew is like 4 dollars but usually I think sells for 99 cent I could be wrong but I say if your traveling by kentucky they have cheap chew thats were I got my chew at

    1. Dana (Mr) Parks Dana (Mr) Parks

      Moved from PA to FL. Prices up there were about half as much than down here. Use to think it was a lot more worth it because snuff in PA a lot cheaper than cigarettes, until I moved to FL. Getting hooked on this stuff used to seem like not a big deal, but now that I’m in FL, it almost seems like the cheaper of the states almost scams the user into staying there if they want the cheaper option. The reason for my comment was actually to find out if I could be given an explanation as to why?

      1. Bill Strabley Bill Strabley

        Usually the cost of dip in a state is related to the tobacco taxes. The higher the tobacco tax, the more expensive the dip will be.

  1. Robert Robert

    Florida Skoal $7.25 for common flavors like mint, wintergreen, and original. $5 for blended flavor like peach, cherry, and apple.

  2. joe ischo joe ischo

    In Las Vegas, NV – Copenhagen Natural Extra Long Cut – about $20 @ walmart for a Log. Average about $3.75 per can not including sales tax

    1. Curtis Harden Curtis Harden

      Just bought a can of Copenhagen snuff today @ Speedway- $8.09. WTF??

  3. Ryan Ryan

    Alabama is 2.15 -2.40 for Copenhagen mint, wintergreen and straight in central Alabama

  4. Michael Michael

    $6.10 in Ohio for Copenhagen / Aug 2019 / Insane what these places are charging!


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