Chewing Tobacco Prices

chewing tobacco prices by state

Chewing Tobacco Prices By State

Dip and Chewing tobacco prices vary per state (and city) and the cost is almost always a reflection on the state’s tobacco tax. And, as you know, the smokeless tobacco brand affects the chewing tobacco price.

We looked at all the different brands, shops, and locations and compiled a list of the average price of chewing tobacco by state. This is just intended to give you an average on the can cost you may see if you hit a gas station in any of these states on a road trip.

How close did we get? Let us know if we’re spot on, close, or way off on the chewing tobacco costs in your area.

  • Alaska: $8.75
  • Alabama: $5.50
  • Arkansas: $4.60
  • Arizona: $3.83
  • California: $7.00
  • Colorado: $6.00
  • Connecticut: $8.50
  • Washington DC: $4.45
  • Delaware: $3.64
  • Florida: $5.80
  • Georgia: $3.80
  • Hawaii: $4.64
  • Idaho: $3.70
  • Illinois: $4.91
  • Indiana: $3.50
  • Iowa: $6.95
  • Kansas: $4.50
  • Kentucky: $3.46
  • Louisiana: $4.95
  • Maine: $7.50
  • Maryland: $4.00
  • Massachusetts: $11.50
  • Michigan: $5.65
  • Minnesota: $7.50
  • Missouri: $3.66
  • Mississippi: $3.76
  • Montana: $5.50
  • Nebraska: $4.57
  • Nevada: $3.89
  • New Hampshire: $6.80
  • New Jersey: $3.79
  • New Mexico: $5.98
  • New York: $7.80
  • North Carolina: $4.50
  • North Dakota: $2.94
  • Ohio: $6.10
  • Oklahoma: $5.50
  • Ontario: $25.50
  • Oregon: $7.65
  • Pennsylvania: $5.52
  • Rhode Island: $3.96
  • South Carolina: $6.95
  • South Dakota: $3.17
  • Tennessee: $3.88
  • Texas: $7.00
  • Utah: $7.50
  • Vermont: $8.20
  • Virginia: $4.30
  • Washington: $8.20
  • Wisconsin: $8.95
  • West Virginia: $3.19
  • Wyoming: $5.89

If you see a price that is off, leave a comment and let us know what the current, average cost of smokeless tobacco in your state.

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136 comments on “Chewing Tobacco Prices

        1. Eddie Allen Rismoen Eddie Allen Rismoen

          6.50 hell I’d take that with a smile. It’s dam near 9 bucks a can in washington state.

          1. TannerB TannerB

            $33-35 dollars per tin in Alberta and they took away all the flavours

          2. Chad Baker Chad Baker

            Rhode Island is $7/can out the door. Just bought there 7/2/21

          3. Wiskyvet Wiskyvet

            I spent 3 months in Seattle back in 2008 and Skoal was 5-something a can. I had the wife bring some for me from Missouri when she flew out. It was in the low $3 range then. Now it’s around $6 here.

          1. The Horse The Horse

            Mass banned flavored a year or two ago. And certain towns tax it severely. $23 in one town, $14 in the next town over. Haven’t found any under $13.

          2. Mike V Mike V

            Yup, Long Island NY about $8.50 for cope or grizz. Man it hurts coming from NC. It’s cheap down there! Crappy part is I’m entitled to shop on base, but there are no military bases near me. Tax free liquor and tobacco. Boy I miss my time in service

          3. Adam MacLeod Adam MacLeod

            What company in the states will ship to Canada
            Almost 40 bucks for a pouch of redman here

          4. Matthew reynen Matthew reynen

            Stuff around 7.00 dollars in rockville indiana

          1. Smokeless Bear Smokeless Bear

            6.12 on discounted double packs in FL. Never seen less than 12 for 2. Cause you never need just one.

      1. Tracy Trefzer Tracy Trefzer

        Florida sings the average $8 per can for Copenhagen natural, stores in Florida or blaming it on the government why they have to charge so much I don’t believe it

    1. JoeV JoeV

      This is nuts. MA is eliminating virtually all Smokeless tobacco to be sold in the state on June1st. Not that I purchase Kodiak in MA . The cost is around $12.00 and $15.00 in the Boston area. CT isn’t any better. The cost is $9.25 a can. RI…. You can get lucky. I’ve purchased Kodiak recently for $6.75. NH, at the Market Basket is $7.25. The best place I found is over the boarder in PA ( Milford). Where you can buy it for like $5.25 a can. I will take a seven hour round trip and buy a 100 cans. Does anyone know the cost of chew in NC, KY? I am going on a trip this year

    2. bob frederick bob frederick

      Dang, I only have Chawin tabaccy on hand to treat stinging insect hits; unknowst to me, sumbody threw my pouch of redman away & I got a sting from a hornet that did not respond well to being treated with cotton balls &sudsy ammonia. This is not a prank, chewin tabaccy can neutralize the venom from hornets & yellow jackets if moistened with human saliva & applied quickly to the wound site & lightly secured against the skin with a plastic bag to keep the moisture in the tabaccy.

    3. G G

      Alabama dip is between $2.85 for Grizzly up to $5 for Cope Longcut and slightly more for Skoal. Easily the cheapest state I’ve ever lived in/been to for dip.

      Arkansas is between $5 for Grizzly up to $13 for Skoal (SW Arkansas). A roll of Grizzly usually cost me about $30, regardless of where I was in the state.

      Colorado is about the same as Arkansas.

      California is insane, paid $8.50 for a can of Grizzly.

      Kentucky is between $4-6 for a can of Grizzly. Cope Longcut is $6-8.

      Tennessee is about the same as Kentucky.

      1. Tommy Tommy

        Looking like I’m about to drive to Alabama
        Because grizzly here in texas is $6.50 a can

    4. Ms Gee Ms Gee

      In south Carolina dry tobacco in a can is $26.00 and a small can is 7 and some change it’s ridiculous at least make the small can bigger

    1. Joyce Love Joyce Love

      Tobacco price in South Carolina with Tax is $7.48 Some places charge $8.55 for Cannonball

    1. Lance Lance

      No no please no I’m moving up there for work and I dip Copenhagen mint like 6 cans a week ??

    2. Dana (Mr) Parks Dana (Mr) Parks

      Moved from PA to FL. Prices up there were about half as much than down here. Use to think it was a lot more worth it because snuff in PA a lot cheaper than cigarettes, until I moved to FL. Getting hooked on this stuff used to seem like not a big deal, but now that I’m in FL, it almost seems like the cheaper of the states almost scams the user into staying there if they want the cheaper option. The reason for my comment was actually to find out if I could be given an explanation as to why?

      1. Kimmer Kimmer

        It is the State Tax added to the manufactuer like US Tobacco (Cope/Skoal) brands are premium. Similar to smokes. Tubes or Rolls are usually cheaper if you find a Tobacco shop. Washington state $8.49

      1. Logan Logan

        Im traveling to wisconsin the prices in Illinois are expensive the cheap long horn chew is like 4 dollars but usually I think sells for 99 cent I could be wrong but I say if your traveling by kentucky they have cheap chew thats were I got my chew at

          1. Cody Cody

            I’m near Toronto, Ontario and I was lucky to find a place last year that was less than $24, now no where, except circle k and main gas stations carry it and it jumps from $26-$28 and change. Loose leaf Redman pouch is $$42 at the tobacco shop near me,

          2. Christian LILLEJORD Christian LILLEJORD

            $32 to 33 dollars for a can of cope or skoal in Regina,Sk if you buy it at Costco in Saskatoon its about $25.27 a can

    1. Dana (Mr) Parks Dana (Mr) Parks

      Moved from PA to FL. Prices up there were about half as much than down here. Use to think it was a lot more worth it because snuff in PA a lot cheaper than cigarettes, until I moved to FL. Getting hooked on this stuff used to seem like not a big deal, but now that I’m in FL, it almost seems like the cheaper of the states almost scams the user into staying there if they want the cheaper option. The reason for my comment was actually to find out if I could be given an explanation as to why?

      1. Bill Strabley Bill Strabley

        Usually the cost of dip in a state is related to the tobacco taxes. The higher the tobacco tax, the more expensive the dip will be.

      2. Justin Reyes Justin Reyes

        It’s like 3 or 4 bucks a can and 15 bucks a log for grizzly dark wintergreen here in Washington state where I live.

  1. Robert Robert

    Florida Skoal $7.25 for common flavors like mint, wintergreen, and original. $5 for blended flavor like peach, cherry, and apple.

    1. Trav's Wife Trav's Wife

      As of April 2021 in the Salt Lake City Utah area, I can of Skoal mint pouches is about $8.50+ a can

  2. joe ischo joe ischo

    In Las Vegas, NV – Copenhagen Natural Extra Long Cut – about $20 @ walmart for a Log. Average about $3.75 per can not including sales tax

    1. Curtis Harden Curtis Harden

      Just bought a can of Copenhagen snuff today @ Speedway- $8.09. WTF??

  3. Ryan Ryan

    Alabama is 2.15 -2.40 for Copenhagen mint, wintergreen and straight in central Alabama

  4. Michael Michael

    $6.10 in Ohio for Copenhagen / Aug 2019 / Insane what these places are charging!

  5. paul gibson paul gibson

    Our states are ripping us off at the f****** taxes $10 a can in Wisconsin and Missouri is $2.25 I’m moving to Missouri

    1. Charles Bratcher Charles Bratcher

      My. Washington, KY. Grizzly wintergreen pouches. $3.79 a can…….total bullshit

  6. Army Soldier Army Soldier

    Well – try traveling overseas. Cant even find snuff in many places in Central America, South America, Afghanistan.

      1. RF Coleman RF Coleman

        I paid $9.24 for 1 Copenhagen Long Cut at a convenience store in Lakeland, FL last week. Unbelievable!

  7. Bill Bill

    In northeast Arkansas, a can of Stoker’s is $4, Grizzly is $5, and Skoal is $8. A bucket of Stoker’s just across the state line in Missouri is $14.

  8. Jeff Lerue Jeff Lerue

    I wish I paid all your prices, I live in Alberta and I pay $43.50 for a pouch of Red Man plug.

  9. Rctcpgi Rctcpgi

    It is a great blog post about tobacco prices.I am always read your blog helpful and informative tips. I like it thanks for sharing this information with us


    I can get a 5 ct roll in the St. Louis area for about $26.
    Never be afraid to ask for a discount on a roll. Ask nicely and you would be surprised what could happen

  11. Nick Bard Nick Bard

    In Ohio (Southern Ohio) it was 3.50 a year ago. It’s raised to 4.50 in the past year (for grizzly long cut)

  12. WildMan616 WildMan616

    (Boone, North Carolina) Depends brand and where you buy it from, 4 places where you can buy it from where i Live: gas stations, walmart, grocery stores and privately ran tobacco shops. I dip Copenhagen Wintergreen long cut it’s about $15 for 5 can roll (before state tax which is 6.76% to the dollar) sometimes you can buy singles at $2.50 a can. I used to dip Grizzly wintergreen long cut used to be the cheapest about 3 years ago (was $2-$2.50 a can even in rolls) but now Copenhagen wintergreen long cut is, out of the 2 anyways. Redman probably the cheapest along with long horn. Skoal wintergreen, straight and any them special flavors between $3.50-$5 a can. Still not sure why Copenhagen straight long cut costs about $4 a can. Copenhagen wintergreen pouches (packs i think they are called) is $3.50 a can. I’m thinking about switching to fine cut because I’d like to try it see if I like it, i don’t know the price of it yet. All these prices I’ve called out are from the privately ran tobacco stores, we have 3 with the same owner. His stores probably cheapest in my area, walmart probably 2nd then gas stations 3rd and grocery stores 4th. I feel fairly lucky compared rest of you guys. Now cigarettes is off the charts I quit smoking in 2015, switched to dip. Cigarettes prices are steep here, I was smoking cheapest brand i could find and stand smoking. $56 20 pack carton counting tax and even at the privately ran tobacco shops and that was 6 years ago, probably much higher now. Prices was the main reason I quit smoking then ofcoarse I had personal goals that helped me along like breathing better lol. Now I don’t chew but from what I heard from what my uncle said, most chewing tobacco is about $8-$12 a pouch here brand dependent. Starts costing me $4+ a can I’ll have to quit dip to because i live on $14,000 a year i have more important things to pay for.

  13. Smalldippin Smalldippin

    $43.92for a tin cope straight. Vancouver island, bc, Canada. Thank you NDP

  14. Wiskyvet Wiskyvet

    Missouri is way off for Skoal. Walmart, which is usually the cheapest since Sams stop selling tobacco, is $5.80. QT is $6.30. Missouri used to be pretty cheap but the last few years it’s gone way up along with adding the health insurance surcharge the last couple of years.

  15. Prairie State Son Prairie State Son

    January 27, 2022. You’ve got north central Illinois pretty dead-on from the last time I checked. I pay the price…I don’t count the cost!!!! The true sign of an addiction…right!?!?!?

  16. RLD Montana 454 Casull RLD Montana 454 Casull

    I quit 16 years ago when I had to be biopsied for esophageal cancer. Invested the money in reloading equipment . Biopsy was negative and I shoot regularly now !

  17. Steve Shepard Steve Shepard

    $8.00 a can of Copenhagen in Oklahoma. I remember giving 28 cents for a can. That was a long time ago in 1980. Now it’s 8 dollars a can.

  18. jeremiah hughes jeremiah hughes

    i just paid 10.74 for a can of copenhagen long cut straight in carrabelle florida. i personally think they are price gouging because of fall break. this has got to stop


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