Honor our Veterans. Talk is Cheap – Take Action

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America Is The Greatest Nation On Earth.

and we are failing those who made it possible

We get to experience freedom on a level that no other country does, and if you don’t believe me, just travel to any other country in the world and try to find a hunting or gun store on par with the ones we’ve got here in the US.

It doesn’t matter what religion you are, or what your political views are, everyone has to agree that if it weren’t for our veterans, America wouldn’t be the great nation it is today.


We owe them our freedom, and yet still, to this day, 1.4 million veterans are at a high risk of being homeless and at least 40,000 are homeless.

Of those homeless veterans, almost half of them suffer from PTSD or mental illnesses.

By 2015, at least 300,000 veterans died while waiting for Veterans Affairs Health Care. Statistically, over 8000 veterans commit suicide each year, that’s over 22 EVERY DAY!

As a disabled veteran, I can tell you that the government is not doing nearly enough to take care of the people who sacrificed the most for their country.

But instead of ranting about how the government is tragically failing veterans, let’s talk about what WE can do.

There is a lot of talk about how much we love our freedom and honor our veterans, but the number of homeless vets and vet suicides shows that we are not doing enough to help them.

Here’s what you can do.

raise awareness

The news won’t cover any of the 22 veteran suicides that happened today. You won’t read about all the veterans dying while waiting on VA Health Care. That is why it is our duty to spread the word. It is our duty as freedom-loving Americans to TAKE ACTION!

help homeless veterans

Get Involved

Here are organizations who strive to help veterans that you can volunteer with:

DAV– is a nonprofit organization that helps vets and they have locations all over the US. Visit their website to find the location nearest you and do some volunteer work for them.

Wounded Warrior Project– is another way you can get involved. With WWP you can host a fundraiser, become a student ambassador, or become a community athlete.Check out this pageto learn more about how you can get involved with them.

Homes for Our Troops– these guys are building homes for veterans and they have a lot of different ways you can get involved. You can volunteer, donate goods and services, and even become a building partner.

VA Services– That link will take you to the Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services page where you can donate your time or money to helping out Veterans Affairs (govt organization)

Hope For the Warriors – Provide a full cycle of care to restore self, family, and hope to post-9/11 service members, their families, and families of the fallen.
BaccOff hosted a Veterans hunt with Hope for the Warriors and Buckmasters.


If you don’t have time to do volunteer work for any of the above organizations, then you can always make donations. You can donate to any of the sites listed above, or you can click here and find an organization in your area that helps homeless veterans. You can make a donation to Paralyzed Veterans of America

Here is a moving video about the situation of Veterans in the US. I’m a disabled Vet and not ashamed to admit that I get emotional every time I watch it.

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  1. Dusty L Clevenger Dusty L Clevenger

    This is an awesome program. It’s good to see an American company supporting my fellow vets with their products. I love your products ad they are a healthy way fr me to keep dipping without risking my health and family welfare. Than you for your continuous support.

    SFC Clevenger Dusty L.


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